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Apple likes to keep its secrecy about unreleased products and I'm ok with that but on what Pro products is concerned I think it should be a little less tight lipped and let the Pro community know with same kind of advance how things are going to be.
You just can't say to a guy to change everything that way. If he is a professional 3D modeler, it's not just switching computers. Do you know how much does a license of a 3D modeling software cost? This not counting to other types of software he needs for his work may it be for texturing, additional rendering engines, animation software and so on... It's not something one will do lightly. His point of view is perfectly understandable. There's too much money on the story!...
I'm expecting some news too... I'm in need of a new desktop and I want to know how things roll out before I make my move. One of three options may come to be: 1) Apple kills the Mac Pro 2) Apple just updates it with new hardware 3) Apple releases a new redesigned Mac Pro or something else to replace it I guess we're just gonna have to wait some more time... all this waiting is "killing" me!
Tell that to BioWare... A lot of Mac users are asking for a OS X version of SW:TOR and many that already play through bootcamp are quitting the game because they can't stand running Windows on their Mac just to play that one game. Also I believe many more Mac users would play the game if a native version was available.
Though I prefer a headless desktop, I think the display on the iMac is great. I like the color saturation on glossy screens even if they aren't the best for work on well lit environments. I don't need to see the new iPad to see how better the screen is. The screen on the iPhone 4 already got me but I still believe that there will be a legion of pros wanting matte displays for work with image/video/3d.
IMHO a Pro iMac doesn't make sense. Pro users don't go after the kind of screen on the iMac. They prefer matte displays.
There's two answers to that: 1 - The entry model is indeed overpriced. Too much money for a single processor machine and is a Xeon processor really needed for the lower model? They should replace it with a good core i7. I don't know how much different the performance would be. 2- The 2 processors model it's not so overpriced. It's a Pro workstation. Performance, reliability and build quality all have their higher price attached. It's far expensive putting 2 already...
I think we should be able to use any graphics card on the Pro. Also, I think that possibility would increase the sales of the Pro. Why don't Apple just let the GPU makers make drivers for OSX like they already do for Windows? Apple already left Java for Oracle to deploy. The same could happen to GPU drivers. The number of GPUs available for the Pro these days are just silly and extremely overpriced!
If it didn't happen already, it wont happen now. Apple is pushing the Thunderbolt port and if another version of the Mac Pro comes up, the graphics card will have the Thunderbolt port which you don't see on other PC hardware. A possible solution would be some kind of adapter which merges the Thunderbolt signal from a port on the motherboard with the signal from the display port signal to work like the "regular" Thunderbolt as we know it but still, very unlikely and I don't...
My only Mac is late 2008 Macbook Pro and I want to replace my desktop pc with a Mac. The iMac should be enough to play the game the first couple of years. Still, I'm curious to see how things are going to be with the Mac Pro or something that might replace it. Further down the road maybe I'll get a new Windows box for games if I feel the need but this time I really want a desktop Mac for everything else. I'm tired of Windows.
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