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IMO, an iMac is never much future-proof because hdd and memory are the only parts you can upgrade. On the graphics part of the equation it gets worse: it's a laptop graphics card with lower performance than the desktop version. Those cons are the reasons I've been holding my money because I like to play games (SWTOR these days, I'm leaving WoW) which aren't not very demanding but the system requirements improve overtime. I'm waiting to see how's the new entry level MacPro...
I wish this becomes true. I'm up for a new Mac this year and if a headless desktop comes out with a good price it will a be a no brainer for me.
You're all wrong! This new graphics card is for the xMac! Just kidding but... I wish it was true!
Netbooks only make sense to me precisely on emerging markets. You can get a netbook on a sub $300 range and, for countries with very low life standards, it can be a good choice. For more developed countries it doesn't make sense at all. A tablet is more than enough for medium to low computation needs.
If it's true, it's nice. I hope Apple turns to Nvidia again on all Macs. I've always prefered Nvidia graphics
Sometimes I really don't understand you guys. Some of you attack the idea of existence of the xMac almost like a life threat! Come on! Relax! Would the xMac be useful for some us? Yes, it would! Not to all, but some! Everybody has different "Mac needs" so each one picks the one he/she sees fit. I guess no one of us here should discard that idea or any other. If Apple is really questioning the meaning of the Mac Pro, something should replace it in case of it going away for...
I wish someone with a high enough position at Apple could read this forums. The advent of the xMac would make more people switch from Windows PCs to Macs. A machine like the xMac requires much less effort on a engineering point of view than any other Mac to develop and update on a regular basis. I'm also after a replacement for my desktop PC and I want a Mac this time. I usually keep a desktop machine for 5 years with a small upgrade during that time (usually a new...
It wont happen. Siri will be one more item on the list for Apple to use to say Macs ans iOS devices are better than Windows and Androids.
I also agree! It will be good for them to get some days off after all the hard work this year. To all Apple employees, enjoy your extend thanks giving
Not gonna happen!
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