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Maybe the Mac Pro isn't going so Pro anymore... If the rumor points to something true, I guess Apple will release a redesigned Mac Pro with less Pro oriented hardware but still good enough to satisfy demand of content creators, gamers and good enough for some server needs. But hey... this is more of a wish than an educated guess :-P
An iPhone is a touch device since the beginning so "iPhone Touch" sorry but no. About an iPhone with no data connectivity besides Wi-Fi: it doesn't make sense. For several times I find my gf complaining about the lack of 3G connection on her iPod Touch. So I guess it makes more sense to offer more connectivity options than cut them off.
Yes, its fake. No way Apple would post images of an iPhone saying "No Service"
And how much is it going to cost? An external bay + Graphics card wont be cheap. Moreover, not every graphics card will be compatible with OS X due to lack of drivers, which sucks
Play WoW on that and you get yourself a barbecue and short lifetime computer due to thermal levels.
I'm sorry but I have to disagree. I think a tower would sell a lot for several reasons:1 - The option to buy the monitor people wanted and/or had budget to (I would still buy a cinema display but many people wouldn't);2 - Add at least one more hard disk or two;3 - Upgrade the graphics card (however, using a desktop graphics card would make it last up to date a little longer than a mobile one);4 - Upgrade RAM the easy way.It's clear that this would open the door for 3rd...
The xMac makes sense: Apple doesn't have a consumer level desktop with REAL consumer level desktop hardware! Minis and iMacs are made of laptop hardware inside a desktop case. So, there's a gap in the offer. Today or you get a laptop/desktop "hybrid" or you get a desktop with server class hardware. As the iPad evolves and fulfills many of mobile computation needs, many people may ditch a laptop for an iPad + desktop Mac. I really think Apple should get the chance to...
They could have had more revenue if they changed their price policy. Windows prices are too high! That's why there are so many pirated copies. If the prices were lower they would get less cash from each copy but I believe they would sell a lot more, even to us Mac users that need Windows for some games or apps unavailable for Mac.
Since last expansion, WoW became more demanding on what graphics are concerned (water rendering, higher poly count on objects and characters, etc...) If Apple only goes with the Intel GPU on the processor I don't know if it will be good enough to handle the game, at least above medium detail settings.
I think taking things too monotone can be problematic for some people. Color can make things look not so homogeneous but at the same time are a good visual reference. About the scrollbars, I totally agree with taking them away: they can ruin a UI very quickly when there's need for them to appear. I guess people will get used to the lack of omnipresent bars really quick as long there's visual feedback about existence of content like it's already being done on iOS. Just...
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