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Yes, I think that's the thing. Just like in the laptops
I think it's just an upgrade (it's about time!). No major news apart from the Nvidia chipsets. I guess i'm skipping this generation and wait for the quad cores on the iMac. I'd love to have a Mac Pro but I can't afford it so I'll get an iMac as soon as I see them with quad cores. For the time being, I'll stick with my desktop Windows PC *sigh* and my unibody Macbook Pro...
This is stupid! Every single notebook is 3G ready! You just need a USB port to connect a 3G dongle that provides 3G connectivity like it's being done for quite some time here in Portugal. The carriers sell the dongles with a sim card and you just need to pop it up on the laptop and you're in the internet. Of course you must pay the associated fees :-P
Well... as I posted before, yesterday I tried the machine ( 2,4 MBP CTO). I played WoW for almost 3 hours yesterday using de 9600GT and I hadn't any problem or black screens. Almost all video definitions were set to the maximum except terrain distance (I let it on the middle of the bar) and the shadows that i set to the minimum. Later today i'll try to set the shadows marker higher to see how it performs. I'm looking forward to play some more hours to see if anything...
Well... I'm thinking of installing the game just to see how it runs and I think it will run faster than on my desktop pc that only has a 7600GT. However, i'll keep playing the game on my desktop pc because it runs good enough for a god game play and only on the laptop when i'm not at my place. The main goal was not getting the mbp to play WoW but to do all the other things. I still have the idea that a laptop is not a gaming machine. Yes, you have gaming laptops but they...
Just bought my MBP 2.4 CTO (with 4GB Ram and 320GB HD) today. As i play WoW, i'm going to check if the black screen issue manifests on my machine. I'll post a reply with what happens as soon as i can get my hands on it. Came directly from the store to work, so i didn't have a chance to unbox it. Btw, this is my first mac and i'me very happy to be a switcher :-P
Is it??? Where did you see that! Link it! I and/or everybody here really want to see that info from accurate sources! Well... you have a point on that! Personally i'm not going to use the express port but someone might want to use it. However, that remotion makes sense because today everything can be used through a USB port
It will have ports on the opposite side, almost for sure on the MBP. We cant's see the express card port either so some ports should be added on the other side. The optical drive will stay on the front, i guess, as usual.
The economy situation can't be an excuse for much longer. It will take (quite) sometime to things get balanced again and no one is going to wait for that to happen to release new products mainly because you don't know when things will get stable again.
You do have a point on that, JBridges. There was no confirm statement from anywhere else about that date in particular. People just started to assume that it would be the day and now we are less than a week away and still no summon for an event from Apple. They still can put the macs out without an event but that would be weird due to the nature of what is coming. Maybe we wont see the macs next week at all and yes, it will be frustrating, but Apple should/must hurry. I'm...
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