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Ok... the laptops had their refresh 7 months ago but there were only some hardware updates (mainly processors and graphics memory updates on MBPs). The thing now is that they're going to have new design and some (rumored) hardware changes, so i guess it's not to soon for a new update
4 months!!! ARRGGGGHHH! No way! That's too much time for us to get the hands on our new Macs!!!
Well... i watched the keynote (and i was reading blogs which had live input of what was happening during the event) and in the end i found myself with the "Is this it?" feeling! Don't get me wrong! The iPods are great but i'm still thinking that something's missing... and i know what's missing: the Macs even knowing that this would be a music/iPod event. It would be really nice if they could have gave us some light about the new Macs to come (yes, i know that's not...
I was trying to keep myself shut about this kind of "unstable 3G connection" issue because the reasons why it happens are clear for me, but now I think I can say something about this. Well, people should/must get minimal information on how a wireless connection works before starting with "this is a device problem" statements. The quality/strength of a connection signal depends on the network coverage, on how far or near we are from a cell. If the network coverage isn't...
I can't hardly wait for the new Mac models to come out! I search the web every single day trying to know a little more about it! I'm looking forward to buy a MBP! I use windows since de begining and linux for 10 years or so but I really do want to get a Mac and enjoy OSX! If they come out with nice specs, I'm sure they will sell well! Come on, Apple! Show us what you got!
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