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Mississippi? I think they moved a decimal point somewhere. No way is that state home to any kind of academic achievement. Someone needs to dive into that number a bit. It would be very interesting to see what is going on there. It may be that the nobles all use iPhones, and the peasants can't afford any kind of phone at all.
Is there something wrong with you? You don't mind the government spying on everything we say and do, and it's ok to just go kill a guy that exposed that fact? Do you work in the NSA or something? How do these ideas not eat you up?
This is what real competition looks like. The mobile industry is great for consumers right now.   Comcast on the other hand just keeps ramming the stick further in.
Comcast limits us to 300 GB a month, which we struggle to stay under now. So it's a moot point really. We wouldn't be able to use 4k video. We can't really even use HD video as it is.
It's not "towed" is it? It's "Toed" the company line.
Command double-click the item
 Yes -"Candy Crush" is a registered trademark, and more power to them. Trademark law is specifically there to stop someone capitalizing off of customer confusion over a similar sounding name in the same domain. The problem here is that they wanted to trademark the word Candy as it pertains to any and all digital games. Not "Candy Crush", but "Candy". And apparently "Saga" too. That is distinctly a no-go as far as Trademark law is concerned. Trying to suppress competition...
 I thought they renamed Mt Egmont to Mt Taranaki. I haven't lived in NZ in 20 years though. Did the name not stick?
Sold out in 3 minutes
  Spoken like a true Vogon.
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