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All of development at my company uses Macs. We have for years. We develop for Mac OS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, WinPhone, and HTML platforms. We use C 11, Objective-C, Java, C#, and JavaScript. Source control is all through git. All of this can be done on a Mac. It is really nice never having to switch machines and its really nice having a native command line interface to the machine.
A dog with one watch always knows what time it is. A dog with two watches is never quite sure.
I bet if Samsung were to sue Apple for trade-dress violations, they would win a multi-billion dollar award which would be tripled on appeal and would have to pay a court croney millions of dollars a year to "keep an eye on them". Apple just can't get a break with these courts.
In France income inequality got really bad at one point. They evened it out with the guillotine.
Hmm. One thing to consider though: Objective-C is the language, but Cocoa frameworks are the lifeblood of the app. If it's just Objective-C without Cocoa, it's DOA.
This is actually pretty amazing. If it's a high quality implementation, they will pick up a raft load of apps very quickly. There are some very nice Mac-only apps written in Objective-C which could be ported quickly.   But something that is more interesting by far, is the possibility that a new app developer for Windows might think, why not Objective-C? Two birds with one stone as it were.   There has been a universal disconnect between the two platforms for decades...
Comcast has alienated so many people with their horrific service, high prices, and draconian data caps, that people wouldn't **** on them if they were on fire. While, in some sense, I admire their brutality, they have only themselves to blame.
I really need Discover to get on board.
Are those FedEx or UPS fatalities? I doubt it's DHL. I don't see them around very much.
I like to think I am open to new uses of technology, but this just makes no practical sense to me. The liability issues alone would make this a non-starter. As soon as one of these things fall out of the sky and cause a traffic fatality, or maim an unlucky kid, any and all cost-savings would be lost.   It just makes no sense.
New Posts  All Forums: