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I really need Discover to get on board.
Are those FedEx or UPS fatalities? I doubt it's DHL. I don't see them around very much.
I like to think I am open to new uses of technology, but this just makes no practical sense to me. The liability issues alone would make this a non-starter. As soon as one of these things fall out of the sky and cause a traffic fatality, or maim an unlucky kid, any and all cost-savings would be lost.   It just makes no sense.
It's a corporate card (It's a corporation I own so I guess that makes it my card). Bank of America does not support corporate cards. Anyway, that's the sum total of credit cards I have, so for now I am out of luck.
Same here. Discover is not supported, my Bank of America business card is not supported, and my credit union card is not supported. I was kind of surprised to be shut out.
There are 4 people in my family and I work from home. That is only 2,500 MB a day each. Everyone has one computer and one laptop running both Windows and Mac OS X, and everyone one has or more handheld devices. Just the operating system updates alone put a huge dent in the 300 GB number. We literally watch no more than one or two movies a month through Apple TV. The rest of the bandwidth are game updates, new games, audio and video streaming (like YouTube for example -not...
Apple could make it free and it would make no difference. Comcast caps our data usage at 300 GB a month, which we struggle to stay under even now. Comcast demands $10 tribute for each additional 50 GB beyond 300. We would end up paying way more than $30 a month if we used AppleTV as our primary media delivery system. Comcast and the corrupt politicians that let them get away with this need to be taken down.
I live in a world where the internet is open and the corporations, at least for now, don't get to decide who gets to use it. I will always vote to keep it that way. How you can think Comcast, and Verizon care one whit about you is beyond me. Is that something you heard on Fox? If they could squeeze another penny out of you by bending you over and inserting something large, they wouldn't hesitate. This is a great victory for the American people despite overwhelming odds...
Wait. Did we win? I am genuinely astonished. I am reading this correctly am I not? The corporations lost and we won? I need to sit down somewhere quietly and digest this.
New Posts  All Forums: