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A universal UI needs to be implemented between iOS and OS X. Hopefully sooner than later. This will surely benefit new Apple customers with ease of use and familiarity between the iOS devices and Macs. The experience is too messy right now. Do it right though, Apple, even it if takes time.
How is this news? Last month Apple delayed it through November. There are only two more days left. Since it did not release today, as early as Thursday is the next soonest day it could release. Wow, this is hilarious.
I wonder if this means we can expect an imminent iOS 6 release, say within 1 week of the announcement?  With such prevalent advertising of it, I'd say yes.  Good news if so!  I bet it will be amazing considering Mountain Lion releasing soon and the convergence of OS X and iOS being underway already.  I could definitely use more integration between the two. 
I'm so ready for Mountain Lion.  Lion has been great, but I need better integration with iOS.  The Reminder and Notes apps will be wonderful to have on OS X finally.  Bring it on Apple.
I guess the free trials technically aren't necessary anymore since the apps are much less expensive now that they're downloadable on the Mac App Store. Remember the days when Final Cut Studio was $1300? Or Aperture at $300? For some, the lack of a trial may hurt but overall Apple does make excellent software that is now at a more affordable price.
I wonder if they're advertising 4G in some of these countries? Will be interesting to see if they learned their lesson yet.
I'm still ecstatic that there are no more plastic Macs! May 2012 be a great year revamping the entire notebook lineup. MBPs taking a design cue from the Airs would be wonderful! All SSD and no optical, it's the future. Bring it now Apple to all notebooks, please.
Notes, Reminders, and Messages should have come with Lion! It's great they're finally coming. It's odd having an OS without those three key apps included. The OS X and iOS ecosystem will finally almost be complete with these apps and other additions in Mountain Lion. Looking forward to it! I think it's great too maybe moving toward an annual OS X update release, much like iOS. Less expensive too in the MAS, all digital, it's the future. I also have hopes that...
Well it should be. It's a wonderful feature. The best voice recognition I have used. Who remembers the crappy voice control on iOS 3 or whatever version it was. It was awful! They finally got it right. I can see a lot of people using this feature, whether they are experienced with technology or a noob, I think it's a very helpful feature for all types of users.
Well if just this new iPhone 4S launches, I guess that's cool. Sure did save Apple time on designing a new one. Hopefully all that time saved will have been put towards improving the design flaws of the current iPhone 4. I'm all for recycling the old design and focusing on the flaws, creating a better product. By the time an iPhone 5 comes out, it will probably be completely redesigned and hopefully they would have had enough time to fix any problems with the redesign...
New Posts  All Forums: