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I agree, but really don't like when these guys make projections with no idea what Apple intends to do. I like what Jobs did with the release of the first iPhone. By claiming to only hope to get 1% of the market to be successful, he could low ball the pundants.
It means that the patent holders may have valid patents but the method that Apple and others used is different than what their patent protects.
Apple until just recently has relied entirely on other providers for these services and is only just beginning to move service to their own.  Of course a paid Google employee would know that.  But why should Apple bother when there is a record of any hiccup on their servers right here that remains forever.  On the other hand your two months with your employer Google is disingenuous at best.  You beloved Google has suffered far greater and crippling outages that barely get...
Google has major outages lasting hours every year that barely get a mention. Some where businesses depend on Google apps shuts down and no one can access their files and the media if they talk about at all made light of it with funny Twitter comments from workers saying yay, I like when it goes down because I can have a cocktail or go home early.Google Play is the joke that keeps on giving. Good Luck with that BS story. You might want to try that somewhere else. If real...
No access does. Let's see, we have 10,000 gun deaths a year. They would need several attacks a week to catch up to us.We have our own terrorist who go into theaters and kill for the fun of it with cops on site.
I'm puzzled because I got a request to turn on this feature and I said no. If I said yes and then had overages who's fault is it?
Could it be that they were squeezing every ounce of battery life out of it with the bigger screen and the always on feature was an unacceptable trade off. Especially on a new product that complaints about battery life from people who leave that feature on could effect their roll out.
Because Apple Pay success shows where they failed greatly with their solution. Google will not be supporting Apple Pay.  There is a reason they make sure they duplicate any area that apple goes.
I had a girl show me an iPhone at Best Buy tell me that she liked her Android better because she is not limited to just one store.
New Posts  All Forums: