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Brand loyalty comes from the best research of all. It can't be manipulated or influenced by cash or fear (losing an ad money provided by the company), this brand loyalty is trust that comes from companies actually making products that consistently satisfy you needs and makes your experience better. They continue to give more value than the competitors and with Apple it shows in the fact that if android is really selling so many more devices, then Apple customers actually...
There is no innovation in using someone else's tech. Theft of innovative efforts is what kills it. Apple stopped innovating after being blindsided by the theft of their mac user interface by windows because of a poorly written license to Microsoft to continue Word and Excel development. It's hard was hard to justify the man hours and investment when there is little or no protection keeping a competitor from taking your efforts and appropriating them with little cost or...
The lack of brand loyalty is what is pathetic. People who love Apple products love their attention to detail and the investment that make in delivering features the public doesn't know they want but will actually enhance their experience. When companies are allowed to steal that innovation, and compete with Apple using their own designs and investments, it hurts Apple's real customers. The more Apple is distracted by trying to insure customers are not confused thinking...
You you serious? You don't think a partner who has been secretly planning to compete with you in every market you are in doesn't have an advantage having their CEO sit on your board? Do you think if Apple knew there were doing so he would have ever been there? One way to tell is how Google handled the info. The company that tells everything they are working on long before it's ready, kept the fact that they were going into these markets from their closest partner who...
Didn't the judge end up limiting the scope of what he could do?
A quick plug at midnight is Not the same as selling ads to your competitor on your network during your shows to change the channel. Walmart sells space throughout their stores. Do you really think they would allow Target to advertise in their store?
Really?! When was the last time you saw an ad for CBS on NBC.
What so many seem to forget is Samsung as a manufacturing partner of chips screens and other components, as well as using the same assembly plants that keep leaking info to the press, have enough info to put the pieces together. That is what I'm sure frustrates Apple.
Here is a video of Siri doing a lot of task, including showing context awareness. http://www.valuewalk.com/2013/12/siri-apple-inc-aapl-commands/
Yes, Siri has had this ability since last year. To test I searched for a restaurant she brought up a list. I said take me to the closest one. She opened maps and plotted a course to the closest.
New Posts  All Forums: