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And you are so sure of when they last charged it. One issue in Starbucks is they are usually surrounded by other businesses aNot to mention the users in the building your wifi and or Bluetooth is looking at constantly. How the wifi is setup can have a huge effect too.
There's a difference in buying a company that loses money with 5 million mooching non paying customers.Compared to a company bringing in 1.5 billion a year with hardware sales and making more money off 250,000 subscribers than songza makes on 5 million with only 3 months of sales. Add to that the talent, gaining the urban marketing savy of Dr. Dre, the man who made the original iTunes deals happen with the record companies. Factor in Apple's 40 million iTunes Radio users.
It is useless to have a seperate sensor when it's been available on iPhone in an app for years using the camera and flash.Yes, I have used the app Heart Rate by Runstastic since 2012. It only requires the app because is uses the camera and flash. It's very accurate too.
Makes me think of an article about how Amazon and Google are killing IBM because they are now the biggest suppliers of data services but use much cheaper hardware. Just sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.
This is what killed the music instrument stores. I worked for two that got run out of retail because people would do just that. The manufacturers would give these online stores discounts that the mom and pops couldn't get close to.
I have to disagree. Many features Apple added in 7 were long requested but implemented by Google to beat Apple to the punch but not done in a way Apple would approve of. Apple waits until they get a feature to work how they feel it should so they don't have to keep shifting directions. Allowing 3rd party integration in 8 was a big deal because it would have exposed IOS to the same dangers as Android does. They could have easily just allowed apps to communicate, but...
He said IOS 7 not 8
Does anyone know why the protestors were outside the conference? There was a story on CNBC but Google must have called and shut that down. The video about it doesn't even say what they are protesting and the sound bite canceled on the air. http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000287631&__source=yahoo%7cheadline%7cquote%7cvideo%7c&par=yahoo
I have 2 co-workers whose bank accounts were raided because of their android phones. One refused to listen to me concerning the source because her note was her computerAfter multiple hacks even after changing all her logins and passwords she still trusted her droid buddy that told her I was just making stuff up.(remember the standard response to issues with windows?). He convinced her it had to be an inside job at the bank hitting her up every pay day. Until she changed...
Keep in mind these reporters rarely report on the crazy stuff Google employees say. Including Schmidt's comments on privacy. They are very selective in what they print about them. That's why most Google fans have no idea how many times this company has been found guilty of violating consumer privacy laws intentionally. When you have a company who controls monetization of the internet by controlling search, what site that depends on search to remain relevant and makes their...
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