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Sounds like it was commissioned by Samsung to support their cause. In college, one way to insure an F on a research paper is to quote Wikipedia.
I disagree. Many of the advancements of tech has come from partnerships between honorable people. Google gained a lot from their Apple partnership, they were also given access to employees that they would not have had otherwise. If this was a non partner company I could see the problem. I can assure you that Apple will take more and more on house if they can't expect their partners to not actively go after the employees the send to work with them. I
Doesn't much of this already happen on the Apple TV via iCloud photo sharing?
If you listen to any interview with their execs. They tell you that they scan all data even google voice calls and voice mail. It's sliding right up to the creepy line without crossing it as one of them famously said. Nothing is free. If they weren't scanning it what would they gain, brownie points. That's not how they make their Billions.
There was an article on one of these sites about the poor reception of iTunes Radio. I'm glad this sets the record straight.
So I'm not crazy! Thanks. I Great, now can cancel that appointment with the psychiatrist.lol
Actually long before Android existed apple resale shops offered a daughter card that Apple supplied drivers for that ran windows. I remember being shown this expensive feature.
In other news, Apple Macs boot Windows, and Apple doesn't claim to be open. So they are not dictating what another company puts on their device. If they thought it would provide a good consumer experience they would offer it like on the mac.
I disagree. If they are manufacturing a product that is energy neutral because it is solar powered, then it doesn't matter how much more efficient production of another material is. The impact would be the same for either, 0. The the energy being used is irrelevant because it is relatively infinite. The reason it matters to Corning is because their plants are not energy neutral. So in reality, Apple's Safire plant if used to replace GG would off set fossil fuel production...
But I find I am followed by Google even when I'm not using them. I work in the medical field and chrome is not supposed to be used on the computers. One of our techs showed me how chrome has a server running in the background doing who knows what, even when it's not the default browser or even open. They used to be able to block people from installing it but a few months ago Google found a way to disable that ability.
New Posts  All Forums: