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Because Apple Pay success shows where they failed greatly with their solution. Google will not be supporting Apple Pay.  There is a reason they make sure they duplicate any area that apple goes.
I had a girl show me an iPhone at Best Buy tell me that she liked her Android better because she is not limited to just one store.
I wonder which group would their advertisers want to insure get the best experience. Considering that if they can't afford an iPhone the prospect of having lots of disposable cash is remote.
Samsungs business model can not be sustained. I have alway believed this and know it shows. Apple's success is building phone and improving it over two years then build a new one, but keep selling the first one for 4 years to maximize profit while also hitting lower price points. When you have a full page of models to maintain you attention is divided.
Seems like they saw this coming and insulated themselves.
The difference is Samsung has been using the court system worldwide against it self for some time. It is a part of their plan from the beginning. A big part of what they do is stall and delay for years until they find a way to escape any negative rulings.
So if you had a bunch of android users testing the phones they would not be as familiar with the use of other devices so their distraction level would naturally be higher.I think this is a scam. Since it can easily be made into what ever result you want by selecting the users.
Which can at times be effective in creating curiosity.
Sprint or T-Moble is gonna fool around and make me switch. NumberSync does nothing for me. I use my other devices on wifi. AT&T is trying everything to get us of our unlimited data. Lol. If I do it will be to another carrier.
Unless you pay for a plan with lots of talk time and texts or go unlimited and realize when you get your bill that you no longer need to pay for all that time or texts because most of your calls go through wifi using FaceTime audio, because you mostly call other apple users and your texts are jumping to iMessage for the same reason so you can go with a barebones plain and that get much less of your money without having to change your use habits.
New Posts  All Forums: