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People at the Hospital I work for keep downloading chrome against company policy. They keep having to remove it.  IT showed me the back ground server that is always running in the background and interferes with our servers. And no, Chrome does not have to be running.  About a year ago Google modified the code so they couldn't block the chrome downloads without essentially blocking access to the internet on the computers.  Sounds like spyware to me.
Notice he never answered the question. He never spoke to the question of accessing thief customers private data to monetize it. Cook didn't say Google left data exposed. He said they are accessing it themselves to make money. Apple has no need to do so because they sell hardware first and far most.
everyone else looks like they are trying to look cool.
They bought time. They had unfortunately depended on Google for search and Maps and integrated them deep into their OS.  The suits also made it less likely those companies would so blatantly copy them again.  At the same time they were developing their next moves.  
The default choice is up to the user. You can use the card attached to your iTunes account or scan in a different card. My bank sent me notification that I could use my card with Apple Pay less than an hour after the announcement.  You can have other cards on the system but for ease of use on has to be primary.  
Truly a bonehead manuver.
I kind of felt that way about the stream.  The last two or three events have been streamed with no issues at all. Then there is a failure but only on the website.  The stream worked perfectly on Apple TVs.  Maybe They should have everyone to sign in via their Apple ID to see the stream. 
Siri doesn't have to speak either. I turned of voice last year sometime because of work. Works great without it too.
Two dynamics are at work here. Apple has been building out multiple Locations in some areas which can disperse same store sales, and the retail side Had been on auto pilot for a good while. Now they have a leader.
Not when they are compared side by side. Siri always comes out on top over all.
New Posts  All Forums: