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You may be the insane one.  Why did they just announce adding vector for android unless they went backwards and decided to return. And they announced flyover  days before Apple's announcement after all of the leaks said what Apple was going to announce.  Notice how long it took to copy it.  They were just trying to divert attention.   Actually they were holding Apple, who helped them improve their mobile maps, back by limiting them to tile based maps.  Google did not have...
I guess he didn't realize he was replying to an engineer who actually is required to know this information to be able to do their jobs.  
But for some reason Apple is still the most valuable company in the world with a current market cap of 414 Billion with Exxon is second place at 406 Billion.  What the Apple Haters/ Samsung lovers fail to mention that since no one else has come close to passing these two that the market as a whole has shifted downward. Even when all the stock manipulators left Apple and went to Google, Apple has still maintained 100 Billion plus ahead of Google in market value.  
They already had. They ran all but two major bookstores out of business and prevented any small ebook stores from forming until Apple got involved
The Google design does seem to be different, but what Samsung is doing now is not. Keep in mind Apple will keep a low profile on what they are working on. A law suit before release would show their hand. Plus the potentially infringing S4 has only been on the market for less than a month.
So, Apple files for a patent in 2009, Google implements a more limited but different implementation of Apple's idea in 2011, then Samsung decides Apple's way is better so they just copy their way of doing it knowing that it will take years to fight it. That is a big draw back of our patent system. Unless you wait until the last second to file, your ideas are available to be scanned and implemented by your competitors. in other fields its not as bad but in phones it sucks...
Only the books that were really in demand which so other store could not compete because there was no profit in the industry.  Since they took it over at the very beginning, and now had 90 % of the market no one dared enter because they could easily go back to their tactics of selling many more below cost.  There is a reason there were few smaller ebook stores.  Even the authors couldn't compete against them with their own product.
Did you consider that what makes it a POS is that it is not optimized for usage. Cook subtly noted that Apple is the only one that reports sales to consumers in his most recent interview, so the shift away from huge screens may be because the vocal crowd wanting them may really be a small minority that will only cause a drag on profitability. They may have found out the hard way what Apple already knew and had decided not to invest in that direction. I think the...
That's really odd.  I attend a major university and work for a hospital and I see far more iPhones that android devices. The people I know that have android phones annoy me because they are always asking me to help them figure it out and I honestly have no desire to deal with that.  I hope you made sure all of the 200 family members had some kind of virus protection running on their phones.
Actually it was.  Apple has had web apps for years and even used them as the only apps on the first iPhone. The loud Apple haters called it weak.  Now those same people are praising Google for going back in time by 5 years and doing the same thing.  
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