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I kind of felt that way about the stream.  The last two or three events have been streamed with no issues at all. Then there is a failure but only on the website.  The stream worked perfectly on Apple TVs.  Maybe They should have everyone to sign in via their Apple ID to see the stream. 
Siri doesn't have to speak either. I turned of voice last year sometime because of work. Works great without it too.
Two dynamics are at work here. Apple has been building out multiple Locations in some areas which can disperse same store sales, and the retail side Had been on auto pilot for a good while. Now they have a leader.
Not when they are compared side by side. Siri always comes out on top over all.
I would prefer to just use the excellent trackpad for gestures on the air like I already do.
They could easily do this since all iTunes purchases can be streamed to any of your devices. When you turn on the feature any songs that are not on the device shows up as streamable. You can even just tell Siri to play a song or artist and it will play whether it's on the device or iTunes in the icloud. If you have the whole album it will play the whole thing back to back.
Most of the music I listen to I have owned for years too and in my iTunes library. Since I can stream all my songs to any of my devices, I have no need for Spotify. Even my playlists stream even over my unlimited data plan.
Maybe they just hate to see people fooled into thinking they are safe when they are not. They also know that these facts are buried by Google unless there is a quote from AppleSounds odd to me and any iPhone user I know. I work 12 hour shifts and use my phone a lot. Unless there is an issue with the wifi I always have at least 20% left. If I don't use it much I actually have had days I have 70 to 80% left. swarmed by iPhone users for 3 hrs sound bogus to me. The last...
And you are so sure of when they last charged it. One issue in Starbucks is they are usually surrounded by other businesses aNot to mention the users in the building your wifi and or Bluetooth is looking at constantly. How the wifi is setup can have a huge effect too.
There's a difference in buying a company that loses money with 5 million mooching non paying customers.Compared to a company bringing in 1.5 billion a year with hardware sales and making more money off 250,000 subscribers than songza makes on 5 million with only 3 months of sales. Add to that the talent, gaining the urban marketing savy of Dr. Dre, the man who made the original iTunes deals happen with the record companies. Factor in Apple's 40 million iTunes Radio users.
New Posts  All Forums: