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Did you consider that what makes it a POS is that it is not optimized for usage. Cook subtly noted that Apple is the only one that reports sales to consumers in his most recent interview, so the shift away from huge screens may be because the vocal crowd wanting them may really be a small minority that will only cause a drag on profitability. They may have found out the hard way what Apple already knew and had decided not to invest in that direction. I think the...
That's really odd.  I attend a major university and work for a hospital and I see far more iPhones that android devices. The people I know that have android phones annoy me because they are always asking me to help them figure it out and I honestly have no desire to deal with that.  I hope you made sure all of the 200 family members had some kind of virus protection running on their phones.
Actually it was.  Apple has had web apps for years and even used them as the only apps on the first iPhone. The loud Apple haters called it weak.  Now those same people are praising Google for going back in time by 5 years and doing the same thing.  
It's also very deceptive. When a consumer chooses an Andriod phone over an iPhone for the same price, there is the assumption that it is better and will run any apps other new Android phones can run. For a new phone to run an OS that can't even access Google Play is not fair to the consumer. There should be a huge disclaimer required listing this fact everywhere its sold.
That's the problem. There are new phones still being sold with this on them.
You are mistaken. Apple announces and clearly tells you what is sold to end customers. units that are in transit are counted in that number but not what is sitting on the shelf somewhere. They report channel inventory seperately to indicate how close they are to matching demand. This is also why just about every article stipulates Apple sales but then say shipped for Samsung. The articles are written as if they were the same, but the fact they consistently use these terms...
I think you are missing the point. Samsung's growth is smoke and mirrors. This became clear when they were forced to supply real sales numbers during trial. They shipped 10 Million in 30 days to stores.  Apple sold half that many in three days with supply limitations but this same company claimed Apple's 1.7 Million per day was a failure, while Samsung's 333 thousand per day is a great success.  
They are out of stock?  I have not heard any reports about stores being out of stock. Where are the lines of people waiting to buy or put their phones on order. In fact I searched several cities and even best buy has them in stock at every one of them today.  They are once again filling the supply chain and calling it sales.
This is more lies!  The same article states "Samsung, however, has not disclosed official sales figures yet, but if the alleged Samsung executive's statement is true, it may be an figure the South Korean-based organization can proudly flaunt about."  So, they are not even sure this was really a Samsung executive making the comment.  
I don't even like Microsoft but I don't see where they stole anything in this case.  They created their own app that accesses a public website and filters the ads.  How is this different from using ad block plugins?  Google is really the hypocrite here.  They want to protect their platforms while their whole even today was aimed at leveraging Apple's to suit their needs.  Their actions will be their undoing.  
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