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It's interesting that you say thry could sell on their own sites. This is one of the reasons they wanted the agency model. Publishers couldn't sell from their sites when Amazon who had 90% of the market is selling your product below your cost. A thriving book market depends on wide availability. When one company drives other companies out or prevents entry, that is bad for consumers. I don't like giving my credit card info to multiple companies, so limiting my choice to...
Wow!  That was a great article!
They are!
Well my loyalty is to the Apple who has consistently worked to provide the best products even when I was convinced the garbage I was buying before was amazing. I joined this and similar sites after my transition to Apple from Microsoft and later from Palm once the iPhone arrived. The level of service I have received has not be even approached by any company I've dealt with. I can tell you how many times I've had them good will a repair that was years out of warranty. Not...
So you want Apple's competitors to be as good as Apple at being Apple, so you can buy products from them? Sounds logical. I think Apple should have classes to help them. /s
That would get less clicks.
The difference is that each of these were developed to support a hardware product. With iTunes it made the iPod and iPhone possible. Final Cut, Logic, and Maps we developed because their partners refused to properly support their products on Apple's platform putting them at a disadvantage. Doing so forced them to either bring their offerings up to par or be pushed out of the Apple market.
No thanks!
Please name one successful product that Google has created.  Search, bought it.  Android Bought it.  Maps, bought it.  Everything they have done themselves has either be impractical and will never be commercially viable, or it has flopped in a major way.  
Actually they do.  They have not stopped using Apple's tech because they could get away with it. This is a feature they created a workaround for but decided not to use it because they thought they wouldn't be forced to stop.  
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