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There was an article on one of these sites about the poor reception of iTunes Radio. I'm glad this sets the record straight.
So I'm not crazy! Thanks. I Great, now can cancel that appointment with the psychiatrist.lol
Actually long before Android existed apple resale shops offered a daughter card that Apple supplied drivers for that ran windows. I remember being shown this expensive feature.
In other news, Apple Macs boot Windows, and Apple doesn't claim to be open. So they are not dictating what another company puts on their device. If they thought it would provide a good consumer experience they would offer it like on the mac.
I disagree. If they are manufacturing a product that is energy neutral because it is solar powered, then it doesn't matter how much more efficient production of another material is. The impact would be the same for either, 0. The the energy being used is irrelevant because it is relatively infinite. The reason it matters to Corning is because their plants are not energy neutral. So in reality, Apple's Safire plant if used to replace GG would off set fossil fuel production...
But I find I am followed by Google even when I'm not using them. I work in the medical field and chrome is not supposed to be used on the computers. One of our techs showed me how chrome has a server running in the background doing who knows what, even when it's not the default browser or even open. They used to be able to block people from installing it but a few months ago Google found a way to disable that ability.
Google doesn't have to pay for it, directly.  Every one of the mentioned media sites depend on Google for ads on their sites. They also control the search engine that sends people to the sites as well.  They are just very careful about biting the hand that feeds them.  Who has the second largest search engine?  Microsoft.  The media has been increasingly soft on them as well.  As far as Samsung, their pay for coverage tactics have played out in lawsuits around the world....
I still see an iPhone 3G every time I see a Galaxy phone from the front. The Sammy apologist will say its rectangles and rounded corners, but if Apple had maintained their same original design for even 3 years, the tech press would have eaten their lunch.  Samsung not only does that but just slightly changes the case and makes it bigger starting with someone else's design and they get applause. It makes no sense, unless of course,  they are paying for their coverage.   
He may be a little thrown off but the Apple in the title of the site that he may have been coming to long before you fell in love with Android or Samsung. Which if they had not copied Apple so blatantly to begin with, you still wouldn't know of them.   
So since the President vetoed the decision which allowed Samsung to illegally use Stardards Patents as a weapon against Apple, Samsung is free to go.
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