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Is it just me or is that picture unsettling?
There is a very simple solution to this. Get a court order compelling the suspect to unlock the device, then access it using their finger in the same way the obtain finger prints during a booking.
That changes next year. The merchants will then be responsible and will haveto pay.
I just read through 3 pages of your latest posts. You may not say it directly, but 90% of what you post is anti Apple. The rest is Google positive.   I hope you are being paid for you post because the amount of time you spend bashing Apple on a site that used to be for people who cared about all things Apple is insane.  
No I shouldn't have to.  There is no legitimate reason to place a separate server on my computer when I download a web browser that runs in the background even when the browser is closed.  If this was coming from a hardware company like Apple I would call it poor design.  Coming from an internet company that makes all its money from mined data which supposedly believes all your data and processing should be in the cloud, bundling an additional software server makes no...
Your link is misleading.  Google's cloud platform can be HIPAA  Compliant.  "To serve developers who want to build these applications on Google's infrastructure, we're announcing support for business associates agreements for our customers,"  This is for companies who choose to signup for a paid service and build custom apps and use Googles Server product. It does not include any free products including Chrome which is why it is banned from use on my Hospitals computers.
That is not powerful, that is intrusive. Because they are using whatever you do in your private life to market to you. They also force you to sign in to their services to use your device which is comical to me. Once you sign in to any one of them you are signed in to all of them. On any device they have linked to you.  You have to go to the main site to sign out though.  I find it comical that people who complain about the NSA spying on them and preventing a multitude of...
People at the Hospital I work for keep downloading chrome against company policy. They keep having to remove it.  IT showed me the back ground server that is always running in the background and interferes with our servers. And no, Chrome does not have to be running.  About a year ago Google modified the code so they couldn't block the chrome downloads without essentially blocking access to the internet on the computers.  Sounds like spyware to me.
Notice he never answered the question. He never spoke to the question of accessing thief customers private data to monetize it. Cook didn't say Google left data exposed. He said they are accessing it themselves to make money. Apple has no need to do so because they sell hardware first and far most.
everyone else looks like they are trying to look cool.
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