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Google is not even close to Apple in value. Google is 303 Billion, Apple is 402 Billion as of 20 minutes ago. Apple is more valuable than all other companies but Exxon Mobile at 405 Billion
These numbers don't add up.  By this count, Google activated 500,000 phones in the last year.  If that is the case, and Samsung is the only company really selling any phones, they should be selling nearly 100,000 phones per quarter and that is not happening.  
I have never had one to fail either.  I had the original and the 3GS now the 5.  I keep the others for quite a while. The mute switch on the other hand did go out.
They are afraid that Google will steal data unknowingly like they were secretly doing with Safari until caught and charged a huge fine. They are not to be trusted.
It is the something for nothing Google loving crowd that has brought this to bare. Since people are stealing their products by copying and with the recent events where Google and others are copying IP and the courts seem to think you can't protect software, they are locking you in by a subscription model that requires a commitment to their software and their continued development.
Bump even works on any IOS device supporting at least version 4.3
the funny part is some features have been available on the iPhone for years. Bump is just one app with functionality like S beam. It only been out since 2011. The current version even works with computers too.
Eyes free uses a steering wheel button
No I think they are more concerned with the likelihood of it breaking in the first place.  The amount of damage caused by normal mishaps if their focus.
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