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He is saying that they will claim Apple paid them to find these results, but the fact they are giving away an S4 and claim 20% of Americans will buy the S4 kind of tells you where any influence might be coming from.
These phones are a hard sell. You can barely find the iPhone on either of the 3 major carriers sites. Even when they list the best selling phones Verizon leaves the iPhone off the list even though there are no other phones that sell more than the iPhone on their network.
I have yet to see someone using a headset with their giant Android phone. I am starting to tire of owners who can't figure out how to do simple task asking me to help them. I have no interest in learning android.
aNot true. Apple acknowleges how many phones are in the channel because inventory factors into their costs and shows availability of supply. On more than one occasion both Cook and Jobs before him explained the difference.
not true. No one talks about them. Well not on this site for sure. Amazon had a major outage last month and in October. The problem is when they crash they take down other companies too.
I think its really amazing that Apple commands over half of their smartphone sales. Considering every promotion and advertisement they do is for Apples Competitors. If you go to their website, there is no indication they even carry the iPhone at all. They promote android phones and even Windows Phones but no Apples. They have a most popular section on their main page they has the Samsung S3 and a bunch of other android and windows phones but the iPhone that sold 55% of...
So where is Google?  Android is Growing but $ are not.  Is it just about market share and damn profit?
Why do you keep telling this lie about apple not being the most valuable tech company? Apple's cap is currently 381 Billion. The only company in the world tech or otherwise that is more valuable is Exxon at 382 Billion. IBM is only at 233.9 Billion not even close! Please stop spreading false information just because you don't care for Apple.
Ooh I think I need Windows 8 so I can get hot corners. Wait, I have had that for at least 4 or 5 years on my Mac. I'm good.
The difference is Microsoft's Windows is sold as a license and they don't make or support the final product, the computer itself.  The Browser was an program that like the thousands that came before it was created and promoted by a third party.  Once they saw this might be a new profitable direction, MS made their own and prevented the Companies making the PCs, who at one time had other OS options but were now trapped with microsoft, from making any other browser as the...
New Posts  All Forums: