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I don't think it was a mistake. Google moved immediately to clarify what he meant, then released a corrected transcript. The offending sentence was surgically removed. To me that says, he said it. It wasn't a mis-translation because the whole sentence disappeared. It was a rewriting of the answer after the fact.
Techcrunch! Lol. They are Apple haters. No nothing of mashable, but I doubt a Android fan site would add text that hurts Google. They change their page to suit Google using their transcript instead of their own. The difference is Googles excludes the two sentences in question. None of these sites have any journalistic integrity when it comes to Google. They won't bite the hand thatqfeeds them.
How convenient!  LOL!  The corrected quote provided by Google.  LOLOLOLOL!!!!!  It would be different if this was originally posted on a anti-Google site.  Well those don't exist because any for profit site relies on them for income so they dare not speak against them.  This was a quote from a google fan site that just deleted the offensive statements the made google look bad and told the truth.  
It's hard to tell these days.
This article uses bulk pricing in referring to the wholesale model. I never thought about it like that, but it makes even less sense, because bulk discounts were given to ensure inventory was sold in advance. When there is no physical product that model is useless.
Well I prefer to control my own data and will only feel comfortable about giving it to companies who believe I should maintain control of it. Because of how they make money your protection is not high on their list. They do what they are forced to do. Their real concern is for their real customers. Whoever has theMoney for ads gains the access. Whichever site gets the traffic gets paid hackers or legit. They win either way, so why would they care. Knowing that 75% of their...
Here is an article about Schmidt's view on privacy. He doesn't see the point unless it's his personal information.https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2009/12/google-ceo-eric-schmidt-dismisses-privacy
You clearly don't understand your favorite company. Google knows who you are you have to clear your google searches on Google.com. I was actually on their web page. After typing it out once it remember. Not my computer but Google so unless you also changed the router and IP address. Remember your VM is still using your host to access the internet. Somewhere in the search page is the button to reset the history for googles searches. I learned from my IT department at work...
Also, clear your searches to get a true search record. Even though there are hundred of articles on android malware because it is prevalent and almost none on iPhone, it's hard to find any unless you search for it specifically, but type iPhone and it came up first. Just like there was no mention of Google's stock being down over 10% the first of half of the year and missing targets while Apple is trashed for record sales and a rising share price over the same period.
Not according to their networking chief just a few months ago. http://www.networkworld.com/article/2226431/wireless/google-android-chief-sundar-pichai-says-android-not-designed-to-be-safe.html
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