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A quick plug at midnight is Not the same as selling ads to your competitor on your network during your shows to change the channel. Walmart sells space throughout their stores. Do you really think they would allow Target to advertise in their store?
Really?! When was the last time you saw an ad for CBS on NBC.
What so many seem to forget is Samsung as a manufacturing partner of chips screens and other components, as well as using the same assembly plants that keep leaking info to the press, have enough info to put the pieces together. That is what I'm sure frustrates Apple.
Here is a video of Siri doing a lot of task, including showing context awareness. http://www.valuewalk.com/2013/12/siri-apple-inc-aapl-commands/
Yes, Siri has had this ability since last year. To test I searched for a restaurant she brought up a list. I said take me to the closest one. She opened maps and plotted a course to the closest.
I completely agree with your assessment. This law suit will decrease poaching anyway. Companies like Apple will bring more and more of their work in house instead of partnering with other companies who are secretly planning to compete with them in every sector. This way they don't have to worry about providing a partner who is planning to compete with access to key employees.
When a company who has been proven to copy Apple's products and fined in other countries for planting false information about competitors to gain the upper hand, has a marketing plan that is focused entirely on beating a company that according to the media, had already lost to Samsung it telling. You seem pretty willing to ignore Samsung's own words to disagree with DED. Odd?
Did you read the document at all? He merely outline what they said.
Sounds like it was commissioned by Samsung to support their cause. In college, one way to insure an F on a research paper is to quote Wikipedia.
I disagree. Many of the advancements of tech has come from partnerships between honorable people. Google gained a lot from their Apple partnership, they were also given access to employees that they would not have had otherwise. If this was a non partner company I could see the problem. I can assure you that Apple will take more and more on house if they can't expect their partners to not actively go after the employees the send to work with them. I
New Posts  All Forums: