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I find it interesting that the chart says slightly better in the categories the kindle ranked better but the article says significantly out performed.  
They explained the reason when they released the iPhone. If they didn't do this they would have to charge for updates like they had to with the iPod touch at first because of changes to the accounting regulations.
The difference is that these companies actually use these technologies. Your beloved Google purchased Moto for their 17,000 patents and attempted to use them against Apple. They just turned out to be worthless. Or committed to standards.
I think this shows google steals everything. Even the foundation of the profit center. Smdh
Google pays these sites to much money from ads for them to anger them.
Am I the only one who finds the timing of this survey a bit interesting.
The S4 took 6 months to reach 40 million. Are you saying the S3 was even slower. They claimed they presold 10 M so they must have sold 5 M/ month after that. Also, the articles you posted refer to their entire business including chips and screen fab, washing machines, TV and industrial businesses. Not comparable.
Same here!  I tried iTunes Radio but ended up back using my own.  One thing they don't advertise is the ability to stream your personal collection from iCloud.  I deleted all of my purchased songs from my iPhone for space then realized they were still showing up with the cloud button.  selected an artist and played as song.  To my surprise when the song ended it played the next song. It was just like the album was still on my device.  
Fortunately there are aftermarket pens that do just that.  http://adonit.net/jot/touch/
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