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YoYou don't get it at all. Few other book stores were in the ebook market before Apple took on Amazon by changing the model. Who opens a store when your competitor is selling the most popular items at below wholesale. Wide availability is when your product is available from as many locations as possible and does not rely on one company that billions of people will never use. It's like only selling you book at Barnes and Noble, people who will never go there will never buy...
They down play Apple's sales as incremental but never admit that Apple has beat every manufacture with limited availability. Samsung has far more carriers and spends 10 times Apple in Ads but still can't sell as many premium phones. This is why Apple just goes their own way. They know there are companies trying to beat them at any cost, but their focus is how can we do what we do better than we already do.
He said his focus was music and he wasn't going near TV. He did elude to working to improve movies which he does have some history with.
Sorry for my clueless post but with access to Apple's 800,0000,000 iTunes accounts most with credit cards attached, beats music should greatly accelerate, considering they have 40,000,000 iTunes Radio users in less than a year. Also estimates put the profit margin on beats headphones at 75% Which means I was wrong, it would take 3 years with no growth to get their money back. Beats had be growing at 30% per year.
1.5 billion in revenue with their 75% + profit margin = 1.1 billion in profit.
Keep in mind that revenue does not include Beats Music and most of their acquisitions don't have any significant revenue or built in customers that aren't already buying apple gear already.
I think Cook is bringing people online who sure up places Jobs would have help with. With Iovine they get the person who helped secure the iTunes deals in the first place so, they are really getting back to basics. As far as managing brands, each market that Apple is in is a Brand of its own and completely different markets, but they are designed to support each other. Beats really fits their music line, I see so many iPhones attached to Beats headphones on campus that I...
It's bigger than you think and they spend lots of money. There is a reason Walmart so big. I don't even think it's just about that market per se. The urban market currently drives the future of the suburban market. Just like urban and hip hop music became pop music. They know they have to plug that hole because they don't need pop culture to start writing negative songs about them.
The difference here is, this company actually makes real money and has two people that can help them in other ways. I believe buying a successful company for just two years of their revenue, and gaining the best streaming service, and accessories that your competitors try to use to make them seem cooler than you, is much better than spending the same money on a thermostat company that only makes $300 million a year. Or better yet, 12.8 billion on Motorola which hadn't made...
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