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I guess the difference is these companies make a less quality product that they can sell cheaper there and then sacrifice profit for market share, look how that worked out for Nokia. These same companies sell their phones here for more than the iPhone off contract so they are trying to make up the difference here.
It's really easy when the details of everything you are working on is leaked 8-12 months before it's even announced. If that was my business model I would live on the Apple fan sites for info then go patent digging to see how they are doing it then throw something together to beat them to market so people like you can say: they didn't copy, they announced theirs a week earlier.
While I read every rumor about what Apple is doing, I hate that these kind of leaks have allowed their competition to focus on beating them at whatever they are planning before they ever announce it. I hope the move more production to the US. The only device they have been able to keep quiet is the New Mac Pro.
Big difference.  Here they have access to all of your passwords on you computer. The iPhone flaw was quickly fix as well.  Google doesn't seem to think this is a problem.  That is a problem in and of itself.  
I think they are in a better position than many give them credit for.  I don't like them at all, but I believe this is a major blow to google.  They loyalty to Android is from Geeks. The majority of people buying Samsung phones know they are buying a S4 or whatever.  Samsung has already replaced many of the new Android features with their own versions that they are pushing as exclusives to them.  Android will take a big drop next year and because this is not a fork, the...
That is stupid! That's like requiring Target to put Walmart ads next to their registers and provide transportation to go there.
Oddly when you look back at the stories DED tends be right in the end. After the glory seeking pundits can no longer dodge the truth.  For instance the doom of the iPad was called every year since it was released.  Even last year they were being beat but when the smoke cleared and the mirrors were revealed it wasn't even close. 
I grow weary of analysts who proclaim a flood of cheap anything is good for consumers. You get what you pay for. Garbage ends up in the garbage. Since I purchased my MacBook almost 4 years ago some of my windows friends have replaced their computers at least twice. I ended up having a problem with my video card crashing about 6 months ago and took it to the Apple store to be checked out, they replaced the motherboard free of charge. My 4 year old iPhone 3GS is still...
I'm just waiting for the troll who will say they see nothing wrong with this.
The problem is they compare Apple's iPhone profit to Samsung's Mobile unit which includes all phones, tablets, and laptops.
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