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It links to multiple devices and can also be controlled manually. I see another tie in though. Honeywell makes alarms too, so if there is motion and no doors open, or the alarm is in stay mode, iOS 8 could potentially override the changes. Even alerting the owner it's doing so.
Spotify doesn't even approach iTunes in revenue they also don't have 800,000 customers with credit cards on their books.
Many of the things Apple has been accused of playing catch up on, Apple has long studied and even had patents on. You can usually tell when one always seems to pop up when one of these features is talked about. I find it interesting that Surface has a kick stand just like the Apple prototypes from 2005.
He also completely changed the touch screen to glass from plastic after the announcement. Apple has also learned to keep anything that won't require developer access under wrap as late as possible. It keeps the copy cats at bay until after the holiday season.
Features are ready when they are ready. How many times could this article have been written under Steve Jobs? All the time! He reportedly sent the programers back to the drawing board on updates all the time and usually refused to release it before it was ready. The other misleading part of this article neglects to mention Apple has been silently updating Maps since it's release when ever new stuff was ready.
You do get free storage and unlimited downloads or streaming for your Apple iTunes and AppStore purchases. Now even for your Mac App purchases from Apple. Every song or video you have purchase can be streamed at no charge over wifi. Songs even over data service. All at not charge. That's a good deal.
People don't pay attention to warnings. After market keyboard like these process on their own servers that has always been the case. That's how keep their code out of the eyes of their competitors. So everything you type goes across the internet and may be sitting on someone's poorly secured server somewhere or the in the case of android the server of the hacker that pirated the game and put it on the Play store until someone figures it out and notifies Google.
I don't remember any giant cell phones 10 years ago. I still have my Palm Treo which was pretty big for the time. It's thicker but otherwise smaller than even the first iPhone. If that was my use I would go with an iPad or mini and make calls from Skype or iMessage via FaceTime Audio.
Not with the money they were spending, during Apple quiet time
I think 1% is kind of sad considering the number of ads and carriers pushing them like they are the only phone. I called At&t for service today and their on hold message was even pushing Samsung.
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