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I was looking at Apple's stock history yesterday and realized that Apple has increase over 400% in the last 4 years while Google has only increased by 200%. What is odd is that Google broke $600 in 2008 while apple was less the $200 but at the end of it all Google does not even approach Apple in total value.  As of yesterday Apple was 54% higher in total value. 
 Then what is the point of it? Google is an ad company, unless it is just to gain access to the data on your device.
 You may need to read the article again
 Really?  You must live in China
 Keep in mind that Android buyers don't stand in line waiting for the stores to open to get their next phone.  Apple's early adopters are going to want all the tech they can get.  $100 is not going to stop them.  
. You speak like you know, so you should know Apple the 5 actually decreased their margins, the 5s will cost even more. the 5c will allow for balance.
I guess you think the S4 is a new phone because they made it bigger. The design of the 5c required a completly different engineered case and substructure. Even the antenna system is new.
I guess the difference is these companies make a less quality product that they can sell cheaper there and then sacrifice profit for market share, look how that worked out for Nokia. These same companies sell their phones here for more than the iPhone off contract so they are trying to make up the difference here.
It's really easy when the details of everything you are working on is leaked 8-12 months before it's even announced. If that was my business model I would live on the Apple fan sites for info then go patent digging to see how they are doing it then throw something together to beat them to market so people like you can say: they didn't copy, they announced theirs a week earlier.
While I read every rumor about what Apple is doing, I hate that these kind of leaks have allowed their competition to focus on beating them at whatever they are planning before they ever announce it. I hope the move more production to the US. The only device they have been able to keep quiet is the New Mac Pro.
New Posts  All Forums: