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Here is the strange part. They copy Apple even when they are trying not to. Apple has used the add ons like mini or nano to describe their mobile products. If they were going to create a giant phone, what do you think they would have called it. Until recently Sammy would have just given it a new name, not tack on Mega.
There is a big difference in this sharing.  For instance eBay has a system in place to protect against fraud. Each buyer and seller has a rating showing the number of transactions and the percentage of positive responses. So if they are questionable they will be outed. Ebay also offer fraud protection incase it does occur.  Spammers, hackers, and other criminals can use the data provided by Google, to target certain areas based on current events or affluence etc....
They kneel because the internet is the new economy and Google is the current Gate Keeper. If they just happen to tweak their algorithm one day and you page gets pushed to the 5th page of search results it can have an effect on your business and visibility.  They recently tried it with iTunes and searches were demoted, but someone picked up on it and blogged about it hours later. So, Google said oh it was a mistake when tweaking and fixed it right away. imagine that.  They...
I actually like the ads. I'm glad someone is saying it. They have nothing to loose really because most of their profit is locked in Windows contracts that Chrome has no chance of dislodging. Everyone is falling all of them because they give other peoples idea's for free. I saw they were quick to go after Microsoft over Bing when they felt their algorithm was at risk. Apple does not provide this information to developers because they know that it can be used by criminals...
I'm not sure what the difference is but the chart tells me that whatever it is it's 4 times faster the USB 3.
It was too much. He got much more from JCP with a total compensation of 52 million compared to 1.4 million from Apple in 2011.  He did have stock that would have come up to about 82 million when he left.     http://www.forbes.com/profile/ronald-johnson/
Your example forgets two very important Accord that does just this before model changes. The Accord (value Package) VP and the (Special Edition) SE adds special features that are not normally packages together for a year or two before designs changes.
what are you talking about? IBM's market cap is at 233 Billion while Apple's is at 397 Billion. Only Exxon is close at 398. These two have been swapping places for the last few weeks.
I never thought about it like this, but it makes so much sense.
I don't think it will matter.  Most drug dealers want giant phones to match their 24 inch rims on their giant SUV. Their girlfriends need them to match the giant hoop earrings.
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