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Here are a couple of interesting searches and what they suggest, but we know Google does no wrong[IMG]
That's what I remember. http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2013/nov/19/google-pay-17-million-apple-trackinghttp://www.theguardian.com/technology/2012/aug/09/google-record-fine-ftc-safariOn a side note. I found it comical that typing in Google fine brought up everything but Google fines until I put in the e. Then it was still toward the bottom.
The 22 million dollar fine (largest in is history) and the 17 million dollar settlement for hacking Safari to track users even when they select do not track. The reason Apple is moving away from Google is they don't trust them as a partner or with their customers data.Oh I missed the rhetorical part.
It may have not been listed but unless I was just very lucky it worked. Maybe because I was using voice control already but it behaved like Siri. I even showed it off to people before they announced the feature in Siri. I thought it was odd that reviewers were claiming it was new when I had used it for long time. But believe what you want.
Dude. I used the feature before Siri and continued to use it till this day. There are hundreds of undocumented feature in all Apple products. For instance people think that saying hey Siri is copying Google, but it has been a part of OS X which is what iOS is built on since 2001. Once turned on, you could have your mac listen for "computer" then a command for hands free control. They actually don't mention the fact that if you turn it on in settings that you have been...
You don't know much about Siri. It was always able to open apps. In fact this was a feature of the OS before Siri, just like playing a song by voice. There were many other voice commands that were not on by default as well under accessibility options. Opening apps and songs was on by default. I used it all the time.
Not for someone who is in for the long term and believe in where the company is going. Their stocks would be worth the equivalent of $651 today.
Try doing a Google search for Malware on android. You will find out about a multitude of Exploits some that Gives control over you phone to a hacker. Several were downloaded from their store for months before they were alerted. They have even admitted in a recent interview that Android is not designed for security. Google has an advantage in that is controls they way most people get their information these days, Googling. Oddly any issue for Apple tops their search but you...
They can't keep you safe with apps on the Google Play Store, why would I want them processing my transactions elsewhere.
I had two coworkers who use their Android phones for accessing their bank accounts get hacked in the last 3 months. With the first one she changed her password three times and they still got in on payday. I told her to stop logging on from her phone and change it one more time. No more hacks. Now that I think about it, she used to always brag about how much better her keyboard was that she downloaded. I didn't realize they could transmit keystrokes back then. There is no...
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