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5 out of 12 of their most popular phones got updates in their lifetime.  Keep in mind what they are calling an update Apple does several times throughout the year.  They are point updates.  The major updates like Apple does every year are rarely extended to the older phones.  From 2.2 to 4.0 for instance. They basally skipped 3.0 because it was to be the tablet OS to kill the iPad.  Didn't fly though.  It took Samsung over 6 months on all but one update, and thats after...
Google is terrible about privacy. They are the only major company who has been fined multiple times for purposely violating consumer privacy. In one case going as far as to hack Safari to track users who selected do not track anyway.  They can not be trusted, AT ALL!! Their purpose is to gather data on you.  The problem is if they are willing to hack another companies browser what else are they doing?   
But making sure the message you intended to give in the first place is actually properly presented is important.
Apple Does yearly updates and they immediately are available on several generations of products.  They have never released a new phone on a old os.  Each New iPhone has shipped with a new OS providing 100s of new features and upgrades. Shortly there after the update is made available for at least the previous two generations.  My 2001 generation Quick Silver is running Leopard which came out 10 years after I bought it. You should be disappointed if Apple was putting Lion...
Yes ti makes far more sense than the removable primary. The removable primary battery compromises the integrity of the enclosure and over time the connection weakens causing other issues, like crashes damaging other components etc…  This would allow them to offer a solution that has another purpose as well as provide additional power.  The best of both worlds.
When was Apple's advertising flashy? I feel it has always been low key with the products speaking for themselves. Their competitors have usually made far more noise of their own, Apple's just releases or the product and the consumer response has been the hype.
Good luck with that.  Their version of innovation is putting features that are available for free on the iPhone as features in Android and having your supplier to buy out the company that has offered it for years earlier on the iPhone. (Swype)  Even speech was a copy because it was an undocumented feature for the hearing impaired on all of my iPhones and before that on Every Mac since 2001.  He was clearly contacted for this interview. If he said no comment then you would...
If they are really selling, why wouldn't such a vocal company report actual sales. Weren't the sales they reported during the trial was much lower than the estimates provided.  They were shipping 20 and 30 million units per quarter but stopped reporting actual sales in mid 2011.  When they court forced them to release sales they only sold 21 million between 2010 and June of  2012.  Apple "sold" 85 million during the same period.  Odd that the media continues to sell their...
They selling cheap phones to people who would normally by a feature phone and will never use it as a smartphone, and those who will suffer anything to not support Apple. Who else would buy a smartphone that its not even safe to buy apps from the primary store.  
The fact is they don't really know what they are doing until they reveal it. They have implemented a buy back, they started paying dividends after many years of refusing to do so. I think Steve had the right idea. Don't give them anything. Give an inch and they want a mile. Give them nothing and they are content with that. Notice, the stock started tanking after they started pandering to stock holders.
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