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Right I guess because only someone who is stupid would use Android even with just the Google Play store. http://www.google-play.net/29-malware-apps-identified-by-symantec-and-removed-google-play/340/
You really don't know do you.  You can get it directly from the Google official store.  The stupid part is not knowing that any of their apps could be compromised and its up to outside sources to find out which doesn't help those who bought it in the months before it was determined if ever. http://www.google-play.net/29-malware-apps-identified-by-symantec-and-removed-google-play/340/
I'm sure you just love a good Apple bashing article.  GOOOOOO Google!!!!!!!  You're on the wrong site.
No it doesn't.  The Apple vs Samsung trail made that as clear as most already knew.  Samsung was supposedly selling 20 million Galaxy's per quarter in the US but when they were forced to disclose actual sales in court they actually sold 25 million over 2 and a half years. You never hear anything about returns because they don't have to disclose that.  So shipped does not mean sold.  If Apple followed their method they would count every phone they sent to their supply...
I said the same thing when Palm first showed WebOS.  It was lifted directly from Safari by one of the guys who worked on iOS.
Microsoft likes shooting themselves in the foot.
But they loose every customer who doesn't use or want use Amazon. So their loss can be substantial. They also loose the opportunity to sell the books on their own or the authors websites because they are being undercut and their product devalued to benefit Amazon.
That was a quote from an article announcing the feature. And 3D is tied to dual processors and screen resolution according to their website. Its funny how they make it hard to figure out what it works with. I know more than I want to because tech people I worked with talking people into them and then I End up having to trouble shoot them. The point is that Google rushed this feature to market after the Apple leaks to steal their thunder. The reason their I/O was so quite...
Haters... So sad. Just like the App store, the publisher sets the price. Not Apple. If the set the price to zero Apple is fine with that too. The key is it is the publisher or owner that determines the price. In a sense the previous model should be considered collusion if any thing. Amazon setup exclusive contracts with the same wholesale price from each major publisher.
Google Earth is not android Maps. Its also funny that Google who does everything in beta never mentioned a word about this until May 27, 2012 Just 16 days after the first public leak about Apple dropping them and doing their own maps with flyover. http://www.todaysiphone.com/2012/05/ios-6-rumor-apple-replacing-google-maps-with-in-house-program/ What a coincidence.
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