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No the vast majority of Android users can't even use Google Play. These are the ones Google doesn't count anymore to make their fragmentation look better.  Their super cool tech friends tell them where to go to get the best apps free because they don't want to pay for anything.  
These phones are not sold if they were they would be yelling it from the rooftops. Since they don't seem to ever discontinue a phone its easy to do inventory swaps and send the unsold phones to another market. This also explains the quick release of a new phone. Keep in mind the S3 was a year old when the S4 was released. The other phones they showed recently came right after news of poor sales came out. Sounds like they are covering their tracks to maintain good press
So, comparing a phone the way it with be used be the public since that is how samsung ships them and intends for them to be used is clueless. Clueless would be to assume that anyone but a tech head would be changing the profile. Most non techs can barely figure those phones out which accounts for the low internet usage. The next co-worker who asks me to help them figure out something on and Android phone the got talked into will get an ear full.
I don't think its a lot of people. The ugly screen colors distorts what you see so pictures you are taking don't look right. I can tell a Samsung photo on facebook a mile away. They look terrible. That is why with all the market share of Android, the iPhone is still far ahead in instagram post. People won't admit they hate it because they will feel stupid for buying it, but since they can claim to be in the in crowd they keep it.
The key is we lead busy lives and prefer to selectively give our time to things we care about. We don't care about Samsung so we don't visit their fan sites. We do care about Apple and until recently I have enjoyed visiting Apple's fan sites and rarely felt I was being intruded on by promoters from another platform.
the difference is when Samsung was forced to supply real sales figures in court it was nowhere near the shipped numbers floated.
When an unbiased reviewer compares it's still true.  http://www.phonearena.com/reviews/Screen-Comparison-Galaxy-S4-vs-iPhone-5-vs-Xperia-Z-vs-One-vs-Galaxy-S-III-vs-Lumia-920_id3286      After all is said and done, it becomes evident that the quality LCD displays like those of the Apple iPhone 5 and HTC One are unsurpassed when it comes to overall image quality with their sharp, lively and realistic visuals. However, Samsung is making big moves forward with each new major...
They don't report them because they get them to hold them forever. They don't report what they actually sell in any month so they can easily make arrangements with the vendors to give them away at a greatly reduced price with the purchase of another Samsung phone.  
You mean kind of like the data detectors that Google and Samsung copied but tried to claim Apple copied them from someone else?  Well they copied them from themselves from the mid 80s.  Last year Google tried to upstage Apple by saying they were doing things that Apple was rumored to be coming out with, like the 3D flyover.  They finally came out many months later.  This year because Apple sealed the leaks, Google had nothing really new to show but Google Glasses. How is...
If Apple is working on a phone in their normal secret way, there is one company that might have info on what they are doing.  The company that will build them.  
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