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I still see an iPhone 3G every time I see a Galaxy phone from the front. The Sammy apologist will say its rectangles and rounded corners, but if Apple had maintained their same original design for even 3 years, the tech press would have eaten their lunch.  Samsung not only does that but just slightly changes the case and makes it bigger starting with someone else's design and they get applause. It makes no sense, unless of course,  they are paying for their coverage.   
He may be a little thrown off but the Apple in the title of the site that he may have been coming to long before you fell in love with Android or Samsung. Which if they had not copied Apple so blatantly to begin with, you still wouldn't know of them.   
So since the President vetoed the decision which allowed Samsung to illegally use Stardards Patents as a weapon against Apple, Samsung is free to go.
And look how that worked out for them.
One reason is Googles privacy adversion is counter to Apple's policies. To sell a google product in their stores after knowing what the did to go around the security in Safari would make the complicit.
I'm not sure what you are talking about. I still sync locally. You set it up in iTunes. In fact, icloud is not a full backup.
I am still at a loss as to why Google fanboys frequent a site called Appleinsiders trying to convince Apple fans that Google is good. You chose your bed. You won't find any of us on a Google site. We don't have to justify our purchases.
Unless you knew him personally you should stop making random guesses about the intent and place in life of the statement. The fact that you chose to use a quote that uses a picture  some thirty years later says a lot.  
Microsoft has a long history of unbelievably horrible commercials. I think the worse was the vomit commercial for Internet Explorer. Dean Caine killed any career he had left by agreeing to be seen in this foolishness. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xB9fhjnJcB0
New Posts  All Forums: