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No thanks!
Please name one successful product that Google has created.  Search, bought it.  Android Bought it.  Maps, bought it.  Everything they have done themselves has either be impractical and will never be commercially viable, or it has flopped in a major way.  
Actually they do.  They have not stopped using Apple's tech because they could get away with it. This is a feature they created a workaround for but decided not to use it because they thought they wouldn't be forced to stop.  
This is about Motorola. Thats why there are no cross licenses. Google caved to make sure their deal to sell Motorola goes through. What company would be silly enough to buy a failing company who is tied up in court cases.  
Google is only after any data they can scour from it. It will only be available to those willing to sell their souls to Google.
I do not believe in subscription only anything. Especially if it is used to run a business. Too many possible breaking points. Internet failure on location, by the internet service provider, or a issue like this on software provider side. This includes all of your assets being inaccessible. Unacceptable!
The former Apple fan sites like this one has sold their souls to Google. Why else would they post articles that praise a Google update and imply their update gives them smarter conversations. They mention Siri in the title but fail to mention Siri has long been able to do this. Try out their example on an iPhone, Siri correctly answers both the initial and follow up question. It can even do it with sports scores, making dinner reservation or even just getting direction...
Well it was music that brought Apple back with the iPod and the evolution of iPod to iPhone and iPad that has made them the most valuable company on the planet.  Your comment lacks perspective.  Apple's market cap in 1997 was 2.3 Billion.  That 400 million was actually 17.3% of their value and for a company without substantial revenue.  This deal for 3.2 billion is about 0.6% of their current market cap of 500 billion. The company made half of that amount last year which...
You make a good point.  If they paid the equivalent of two year of revenue achieved with a product that everyone here seams to think sucks.  Imagine what Apple could do, with Jony putting his touch on them and including all the tech Apple has been working on.  Like sensors etc. 
Then of course you have carriers like At&t who sends me emails every week trying to convince me to buy a android phone. If you go to their website you would think they only sell android. You have to search for an iPhone. You'd think the top selling phone on their network was Samsung. The fact that Apple beats them on all the major US carriers speaks volumes
New Posts  All Forums: