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And there my friend is why AT&T are afraid. They fear their voice usage and text will go down because if they are on the same network and wifi calling in implemented, there network is bypassed automatically. Over time customers with lower their plans.
You miss the point. Artist on labels agree to a contract and are paid a percentage of profit or revenue. When you have have a service come in and take 40% of that in come and pay 10% of what you were already making that is a huge hit. It's like a temp agency going to your boss and offering to do part of your job for less so they cut you salary almost in half and they push to give them even more of you work.
What I find interesting is that Apple had seemed ok with his film. I think Cook was speaking about the others that came out of the woodwork and beat this on to market.
Apple did provide a middle ground. It's called News. If you encounter an iDevice with a blocker offer to send them to News. If you sell ads for your content you keep 100% of it. If you choose not to you still get 70% of what Apple sells.
So someone entering their password to authenticate is required? Not really a design flaw. If I give access to something like that, I'm at fault not the OS. The fact it's required says Apple did their job.
You changed a word and it changed what he said completely. He said replicate the excitement of modern music. Regular headphones really don't handle bass heavy music well. Unless you have listened to it in a studio or well designed club, you just don't know what it's supposed to sound like.
Siri gets better everytime I use it. We were using it at work today to play music from both popular and obscure groups at random. She found and played everything we could think of to throw her. We were shocked. Siri does things like prompt you to leave early for an appointment if you put a location and traffic gets backed up. All without being too annoying.
I don't think you get it. It only takes a few people at the top of the HR chain to steer the hiring direction. The CEOs would never know until someone shines a light on it. I have still seen people hired into or promoted into positions when there are candidates that blow them out of the water, because they look a certain way. It all depends on who is in charge. Companies like Apple that are striving to do better have someone at the top paying attention, but Cook wasn't...
You do realize that the video on Apple music has full controls including volume that magically appear when you touch the screen.
Is this link to the video?
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