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Songs on your device have a picture of a phone to the right of them.
Until you hear they lost money in the smartphone market but their next release is designed to turn things around.
Apple music is so much better. I've signed up for spotify and others but never listened more than a couple of times. I have listened to Beats 1 several times a day and have be introduced to some artist I would not have given a chance but played in the right context next to the right songs even from different genres. Even the for you works well.
Except for the server Chrome has running in the background on your computer communicating data back to google. I'm good. I will just ignore any sites that still use flash. If it's required for a work site, I'll open it in windows via Parallels. I always just close windows so it reverts to the original file.
You are missing the value of the AppStore. Users who signup via the AppStore are available to Spotify because of Apple. If Spotify actually paid for advertising and attracted people to their site, they would be their customers. In that case they own the relationship and the customer would sign directly and bypass Apple. Apple's policies are fine with this. It's just not in their interest market their store, maintain it and support it, but not make a profit on it. It's not...
It's really not a smart move on his part. I know a lot of Apple users who are huge prince fans that already have all his songs. I can still listen to my library streamed to me. He just won't get paid more for it.
Here is a question? Why when you do a search on the AppStore and put in LGBT related searches are teen girl games, high school games, teen dating etc.? Sound like agenda targeting
Interesting. This may prove to be the beginning of a partnership that if successful will see IBM or Apple purchase box outright.
What's interesting is that if you subscribe to Apple music, the iTunes Match features are included automatically and there is no mention of a limit on the number of songs. The 50,000 uploads just fluff. I can't imagine any one person having even 1000 songs that are not already In iTunes and would require uploading.
They are only getting a streaming rate not a revenue share of the $10.
New Posts  All Forums: