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I think Apple could solve this problem once and for all. Subsidize all ebooks for 99¢ Then offer Apple music for free for 5 years. With unlimited downloads and no adds and market thr hell out of both. Suck all the air out of the room then end the trial and charge what they want. Similar to Amazon just on music too.
Keep in mind, both of these companies owe much of thier success to iOS and with Fitbit, Apple actually promoting thier product in commercials, online, and in thier stores. Many other fitness brands could never gain traction. Bite the hand the feeds you and you could eventually go hungry.
If so why would they even make an uncompressed format?
It's a gateway to tracking my child.  NOTHING IS FREE OR CHEAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As they should. They opened stores to control the consumer experience. When resellers were primary, they nearly died.
Children want everything for free because understanding that nothing worth having is never free for long is a complex adult concept.
I agree. The one issue outstanding is that the stream model is more than streams. When you add full on-demand access, it replaces the need to buy the product that would otherwise be purchased but at a far lower return on the investment and cuts out the songwriter altogether.
What they fail to mention is that Warner and other majors own large shares in these services now and can control where the money flows. The get paid multiple ways byThese companies but artist smaller labels and independents get next to nothing. Because these are setup like radio on demand you would expect there to be some real compensation to the songwriters. 12 cents on a dollar or 1.20 for each CD sold is a lot more than artist will ever get for the same exposure via...
Not just nipping but clearly beating them on iOS. Googles numbers includes all Andriod devices. While Apple maps is only IOS
It's not Apple's job to promote their servixe. If they do their own promotion and signup customers from Their own site then they would have to pay the 30 %. The would have to pay all the marketing and placements plus the credit card processing etc.
New Posts  All Forums: