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I am still at a loss as to why Google fanboys frequent a site called Appleinsiders trying to convince Apple fans that Google is good. You chose your bed. You won't find any of us on a Google site. We don't have to justify our purchases.
Unless you knew him personally you should stop making random guesses about the intent and place in life of the statement. The fact that you chose to use a quote that uses a picture  some thirty years later says a lot.  
Microsoft has a long history of unbelievably horrible commercials. I think the worse was the vomit commercial for Internet Explorer. Dean Caine killed any career he had left by agreeing to be seen in this foolishness. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xB9fhjnJcB0
I have never experienced a fast browser on a windows machine more that 2 months old. As for touch on a laptop.  i have a keyboard with my iPad and things I have to touch the screen for becomes annoying.  It got old really fast.  On my MacBooks and even my mini I use the track pad for scrolling gestures and etc...  I just don't see the touch screen been useful in the real world for a laptop.  At the same time a keyboard on a tablet has very limited value.  My intent was to...
No they are just the one that owns search and has figured out how to gather data by offering a free service then later linking them all together so you are being tracked even after you think you have logged out.
Because when I used to use them for search I would get emails about whatever Odd thing I searched for. I switched to Bing and it stopped for a while. I had to use a Google account to log on to a website recently and noticed the adds again. It was a couple of aggravating weeks later I read something about needing to log out did so and amazingly the directed ads stopped.
Google tracks and follows me even when I stopped using them at all. What I didn't realize was you are persistently logged on to all all of their services if you don't go to their main page and log off.
I'm having a problem wrapping my mind around the fact that Apple is still by far the most valuable company by Market Value at 475 B, Exxon at 407 B, Google at 345 B, and MS at 317 B.  The only company in 2 years who has either trade places for the top spot or even come close is Exxon.  MS may be a threat to Google but they are not even close to challenging Apple in value.  
Love it!!
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