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Artist don't get paid for radio play it's free promotion that hopefully gets sales. Royalties go to the songwriters and publishing companies which many times are not the artist. Pandora actually cuts them out.
The difference is they were just trying it out. Any downloads would vanish if they cancelled.
I did not expect that as it goes against their very model of no partner pay if they make no pay. This does one thing though. It pretty much kills the competition. They are not going to be able to match this without ads which pays super low rates. Spotify is officially dead.
That's the beauty of how Apple works.  They clearly have been thinking about this.  If you watched the keynote they explained how they managed to increase Siri's awareness while protecting your privacy. Most processing will now be done on device.  When web data is required, it is sent encrypted and anonymously.  This way Siri can know what it needs to know, but Apple does not need access to it. The beauty of not keeping a key for themselves or storing the data in the first...
It could force a change in that country where phones there only come from Apple's website or stores. This would hurt the carriers as they lose a source of revenue. Apple will more than likely do this than allow the iPhone brand to be at risk by loss leader pricing. I just don't see it happening. When that happens those complaining will suddenly be asking the government to forget their complaints.
My assumptions are arrived at by using industry averages release over the last few days on this and other sites comparing payouts. The issue is that a customer value that is worth so little but has full access to your product is not a sustainable model for anyone. The sale of that song or cd was lost already if they are a free streamer. With Apple Music they have to either join or leave. because of the size of their install base with credit cards, they only have to convert...
Considering that the number of paid streamers is expected to remain a small percentage of users and that many people will continue to do what they have always done for now. I don't see the problem. Spotify is paying a 10th of their paid tier for those on the ad tier and 75 percent stay there forever instead of 3 months. So it would take 10 months to equal one. So month 4 with Apple will cover the first 3 plus another 7 on Spotify's free tier. The same 10 month period on...
Only in the radio sections which don't allow you to use the music as if you bought and downloaded it. Big difference. Like TV and Radio you watch or listen to what they say when they say.
It makes sense. The slide over pauses the background app. There is only one running at a time. The PIP does run but thier video codecs are very efficient. In spit mode all three are running at once.
Sounds like the comments from competitors whenever Apple reveals what they know with be a hit.  It buys them time to revamp before investors figure out how scared they really are.
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