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Now if only Facebook will do the same.
They just stop supporting if when it gets overwhelming.
At least it's an an investment in the future instead of an investment in the pockets of the alraady rich. I can promise we pay more in subsidies to very profitable companies who pay to get politicians elected that this program would ever cost. Just go digging around in the budget. It's scary how much we pay for but get no benefit from. We all benefit from having a more educated and productive work force.Thinking about it, it may be cheaper and a better use of resources...
Bugs will happen but how they are handled is key. As far as the naming, I see Andriod as how the see their users or their toy and the candy reference to trick children into following them when they shouldn't.
Nothing is free. There is always a cost.
While you are correct on all counts, nothing good was to come from antagonizing these people. It's like adult bullies.shouldnt online bullies have a right to free speech and tell someone what they feel? Not at the expense of the other party, which unless They claim to be the media.
Is the freedom to joke about someone's deepest belief really important enough to continue to poke at crazy people. It's like a screaming the name of the crazy kid who already hates you to get a reaction, then being surprised by the action.
But interestingly Christianity has had many wars and massacres performed under its banner. Kings have been murdered for crossing the church. And beheadings were the norm.
How exactly do you block? Definately a good idea.
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