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That is stupid! That's like requiring Target to put Walmart ads next to their registers and provide transportation to go there.
Oddly when you look back at the stories DED tends be right in the end. After the glory seeking pundits can no longer dodge the truth.  For instance the doom of the iPad was called every year since it was released.  Even last year they were being beat but when the smoke cleared and the mirrors were revealed it wasn't even close. 
I grow weary of analysts who proclaim a flood of cheap anything is good for consumers. You get what you pay for. Garbage ends up in the garbage. Since I purchased my MacBook almost 4 years ago some of my windows friends have replaced their computers at least twice. I ended up having a problem with my video card crashing about 6 months ago and took it to the Apple store to be checked out, they replaced the motherboard free of charge. My 4 year old iPhone 3GS is still...
I'm just waiting for the troll who will say they see nothing wrong with this.
The problem is they compare Apple's iPhone profit to Samsung's Mobile unit which includes all phones, tablets, and laptops.
I have seen them too. For one the fact that they have been bypassing many of the new Android signature technologies and pushing their own in their place which undermines Google since Samsung sell most of the Android phones.  They have also gone outside of Android to provide security for businesses and a consumer theft deterrent.  With Samsung just released S4 they are now pushing Samsung Apps and Samsung Hub that completely replace Google Play but also provides their...
This explains the sudden extreme slow down in Android development.  I think their focus is on moving to Chrome OS and will eventually abandon Android like they do anything that is not making them money, as they should.  They talk about Android activations but that metric does not significantly move the needle on their bottom line.  Chrome OS would allow them to regain control over their ecosystem because everything would be on their servers like they like it.  It would...
You should do some research before making claims. Google is very good at keeping it quiet and the media and their supporters don't trash them for their numerous failures. you have to do very specific searches because as the controller of search anything not good for them gets burried, but its there.
Expect this to get blocked in some way.
I just sounds like they run their businesses poorly to begin with if they are running a negative when the consumer is paying back the subsidy via monthly payments.  On the other hand, if the phone manufacturers follow this they will only have Samsung left to sell because all of the others should stop selling smart phones because they are losing money hand over fist.
New Posts  All Forums: