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What they fail to mention is that Warner and other majors own large shares in these services now and can control where the money flows. The get paid multiple ways byThese companies but artist smaller labels and independents get next to nothing. Because these are setup like radio on demand you would expect there to be some real compensation to the songwriters. 12 cents on a dollar or 1.20 for each CD sold is a lot more than artist will ever get for the same exposure via...
Not just nipping but clearly beating them on iOS. Googles numbers includes all Andriod devices. While Apple maps is only IOS
It's not Apple's job to promote their servixe. If they do their own promotion and signup customers from Their own site then they would have to pay the 30 %. The would have to pay all the marketing and placements plus the credit card processing etc.
Had they alloted these to 🍎 store each would get 3
One is hosted on their servers, the other is not.
One huge one. Google has dropped support for the older one even though there are still new devices being sold with it.
It amost happen with windows, because the courts allowed the raiding of Mac OS.
Considering that most would claim we are at war and wholeheartedly supported any and all efforts when Bush appeared to be calling the shots, are the same people who think Snowden is a hero now, but would have called him a traitor and applaud at is execution for these same actions. Keep the in mind Snowden didn't have an issue before it was a Democrat calling the shots. I'm willing to bet that the GOP promised him a pardon and much more if he help the get the white house back.
That must be CDs from the last 10 years because that is an average of 18 songs each. Most before this era had 12 at most but usually more like10 songs.
So you have 5000 CDs to rip.
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