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An article from 2008? Google is the same company that hacked safari to track people who blocked tracking. It took losing a lawsuit for them to admit it. There is no reason to have an independent server run in the background for a web browser. The browser can request this without such. If it's just text as suggested, it would take a fraction of a second with the speed of connections today. This can be done as it opens. It's interesting that other browsers that offer the...
The IT department at the hospital I work for showed me that. Chrome installs a server that's running in the background. It's banded but earlier this year Google made it difficult to block downloads without locking out most of the Internet from employees.
Hey I have a smaller screen, my keyboard is nowhere near as good, I need a kick stand to be used like a laptop but I can't be used on your lap. Oh and I really need a mouse to be functional because I don't support the common sense gestures on my track pad.
Sounds like it was just discovered by a security company and requires downloading software from a 3rd party site. Clearly you don't think Apple can test every single mac software from other sites.  If you give them access, thats on you.  That is a big difference from drive by infections on websites.  This requires you to agree to install it. 
You know what, you are so right. That little vibration hits the mark and the little ✅ is the icing on the cake.
 The support comes from the fact that the iTunes store has remained the 1# seller of music from any source for sometime now.  Apple has been on the loosing end of market share for nearly all of this time.  The same goes for apps. Even with 70% of the market the developers still prefer Apple because they actually make money. This is a recurring theme with developers.  So yes there are statistics supporting my case.  android users are not buying apps or music from iTunes but...
Most of that 70% pays for nothing. So they are not really a revenue source which is why with 70% Google is only just catching iOS in mobile revenue. 
These have been tested by toyota and Honda in Japan for the last 10 years. Once again not an idea of their own.
The PCWorld will say anything to avoid crediting Apple with anything. Samsung in their statement said their growth was in mid and low end phones. Their profit collapse came from poor sales of highend phones when Apple competes.
This made me go and look at the Apple watch again. The missing point here is that with the exception of the UV meter, everything it offers is either already done by the Apple watch or could be done via 3rd party apps. Something also missing from MS' offering. While I expected Apple might do a band too, they clearly went up market to provide their solution. It leaves space for the ecosystem to grow and not compete with them directly. The person who would buy an Apple watch...
New Posts  All Forums: