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The system is just as cumbersome and insecure for them
There is no security when your name, bank account number, social security number, and drivers license number, in addition to you cell phone number and address is stored on their servers in the cloud. Considering the fact that 3 of the major players in this group have had major breaches this year speaks to the security concern. 
And a lot of people have been burned or know someone who has been burned by that arrangement. They won't be so willing this time. The other part is, there are quite a few stores that are not apart of this as well. So next there will be more companies attempting to get into my bank account.  NO! I'm good.  I think Apple will remove the only advantage of MCX, auto-discounts. The thing is I have used my Apple Pay today and was still able to use my Walgreens card for...
Not according to Amazon supporters who seemed to think publishers illegally colluded to develop a better model for their emerging ebook industry. 
Most real companies have email addresses that use the domain from their website.
The difference is those companies actually have a track record. The other companies they already get Saphire from are overseas. They have been no reports of a similar situation with these companies. Apple was attempting to have it manufactured here. Look how that turned out.
This is why companies tend to manufacture outside of the U.S. Wheb you try to bring jobs here the risk of being screwed over and the judges going along with it is super high.
Is it just me or is that picture unsettling?
There is a very simple solution to this. Get a court order compelling the suspect to unlock the device, then access it using their finger in the same way the obtain finger prints during a booking.
That changes next year. The merchants will then be responsible and will haveto pay.
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