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Their shareholders are growing frustrated with them as they have no intention to make a profit. They problem is they are killing a new market and limiting distribution, by preventing entry. There are people who will never buy from Amazon, but would have bought from a different vendor they trust. No real company enters a market when the more they sell the more they go in the hole. This is dangerous for the whole time industry. If Amazon's free cash were to be shutdown, they...
The problem is they do have a much monopoly and use share holders money to to finance their predatory pricing model to prevent entry into market by other firms. This is what makes it illegal. If Apple was doing this while having little share, it wouldn't matter. Having a 90% of the market and selling below cost is the problem.It's also not a sustainable business model. Just ask all the computer companies that were around 20 years ago. Walmart gets away with it because they...
That would make it easy to share with your whole apartment complex.I think the only ones who would have a problem would b those wanting to include people who aren't family. If girlfriend is not close enoughthat you wouldn't want her linked to your card then she isn't family. The idea is to allow you to share with those you would be paying for anywayAnd avoiding paying twice.
I think that's how they make sure we aren't just sharing with anyone outside the family. Otherwise what would stop you from just sharing with anyone you just happen to know.
That will be SO vetoed!
Thank you!
Have you not learned that even your over used cliché was made up by someone. You actually have to use your mind to do so though.
That would have been done 5 years ago if it wasn't politically unpopular. If the government used tax dollars to build out the last mile and we could have any provider we wanted, this would not be an issue at all. That provider would pay a fee for maintenance as long as they are the provider.
That's the problem. The consumer is already paying premium prices for the data to stream at the higher speed. In your analogy, if the we were paying extra to drive at 80 mph and have access to the zip lane, but they allowed trucking companies to pay more and excuse you from your paid service forcing you to drive in the slow lane at random times and drive 20 mph. Imagine paying for a plane ticket across country, but when you arrive the put you on a bus because a big company...
The ISP only has control of the last mile which is the problem. Basically they are filtering at the switch in your neighborhood.
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