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Greetings all. Hassan, my brotha from anotha mutha... what it is? Glad to hear it's just a DNS issue and not a server asplosion. Look at all you shameless traitors, posting in AI! Kidding, kidding.
Hey Artman (as in Artman from Philly right?), how the hell are ya? Long time no see. Hey my condolences about the Flyers.
sunilraman: thanks. I try not to be a bastard during the holidays... As far as the "love fest", it isn't like Adobe is taking MM code bases and merging them with Adobe code bases to build some franken-apps. It is common sense that all the key MM programmers now wear Adobe ID tags, and brought their servers with them. Basically, all the same people working on all the same code bases they did last cycle. Generally, all developers now face the prospect of developing for...
In theory, only in so far as letting possible Mac Pro customers know it's OK to upgrade. Don't get your hopes up for the "Adobe is moving to a public beta process" thing. If a public beta happens, this is a special set of circumstances driven by a new CPU platform. It will by definition be this way only once. Next time everyone will already have native MacIntel stuff (the stuff we're waiting for now), right? So there will be no need at that time, to assure anyone that a...
Hi everyone. Long time no see. Hope you guys are having a decent holiday season. Don't get your hopes up about support for 8 Core machines that don't exist. Even if Apple were to announce it soon(doubtful IMO), developers like Adobe wouldn't begin building software for it until they are used by a sufficient percentage of their customers. IE you're not going to see 8 core support anytime soon.
Russell you should be beaten for posting that. Only a reckless and dangerous mind could've conceived of such a thing, and if it was you, you need to check yourself into a 12 step clinic immediately.
Paypal is evil incarnate IMHO, because of the way in which their terms of service free them from any real responsibility (despite their being at fault many times), and at the same time assert power to freeze funds in your bank account for completely bogus reasons. There are horror stories galore re: PayPal. Avoid them if you can, and if you have no other choice, then do not hook them up to your main account. Like a secondary email account to funnel spam away from your...
Will do! So far my itinerary looks like it will take me through Bristol, maybe Bath (although looks very touristy), Tetbury, Stroud, Cheltanham, Chipping Campden (watch out for Little Compton - might get capped!), Gloucester, and on into Wales for about 4 or 5 days. Looks like one of those BritRail passes might be a good investment for same... won't be cheap when it's all said and done but I think it will be great, weather permitting.
Hey Cosmo... not sure how often I'll get the time, but yah, I wouldn't mind lurking about and posting here or there when there's something I can contribute to. Alex: my mistake on Oxford... I got that mixed up with Windsor (I think that's just outside London) from a conversation I'd had. So AFA that goes, anything other than the castle to see there? Other non-royalty points of interest? As for Stonehenge, I thought that was down by the southern coast... near...
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