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You have my sympathy, brother. Being a father to teenage girls has got to rank up there with the world's most difficult jobs. Keep [at it]. I'm sure with such a level-minded Dad, your daughters will turn out OK.
Upon further reflection after many years of sex-filled monogamous relationships ( ), I pitty the foo' who goes into marriage not knowing the first thing about sex or whether or not they're sexually compatible with their chosen mate. These folks seem to think it's automatic, that if you love someone, there must then be sexual compatibility too. Bzzzzt. Wrong answer. I'm sure plenty of marriages have broken up as a result of two well-meaning people finding out they have...
Ha! Hexane be damned... ...I will give up neither Krispy Kreme Doughnuts (it's Fellows' fault... he started that thread long ago touting the virtues of the Krispy Kreme and coffee), nor Chic-fil-a. Although if I'm REAL lucky, I get to enjoy a Chic-fil-a about once every three years since they don't have them anywhere in Illinois or Wisconsin that I'm aware of. I have to go visit my brother in Atlanta to get one.
Hard to say... what kind of hardware discounts would she get? Might be worth it to go party for a year or two, load up on cool stuff and come back to you when she and her dual-core G5s are ready to settle down.
Thanks for posting these, Murch. Per our conversation in the other thread, it looks like this might be a healthy update. Just as long as people get their Waveburner and Apple GUI.
Good luck, and God speed boss-man!
It's great to have a pop culture icon giving it to Bush in the press (ignorant Trump fans get to vote too if they want to), but honestly, his analysis is pretty vapid. Stick to corporate takeovers and casinos Donny boy... you don't know shit about foreign affairs. "As soon as we leave, well you just KNOW the mean guys who take over WILL have WMD..." Yah. That almost makes sense. They're just sitting on the Sryian / Iranian borders, waiting to be carted into the new...
He is clearly using his position in the Chess community to stir up anti-American sentiment. There is rumor he was in Japan to meet that Japanese subway terrorist guy. Never can be too careful in Bush's brave new world! I mean really, don't you feel safer now knowing this guy who willfully disobeyed his government to play chess, is now going to pay for his crimes? I'm sure he'll be in custody at Guantanamo before the month is over...
A month ago my Amazon cart said July 19. Now it says July 31. Draw your own conclusions. Most things I've read indicate that the public demos have been quite buggy (even if the features are way cool), so Apple is probably not comfortable releasing it to manufacturing yet.
What's absurd about this whole case is not that people should question this man's judgement as a result of all the sexual allegations, but how the Tribune company and a local television station SUED to make his divorce records public. That's disgusting. It really is. The media has overstepped its bounds here completely as prior to the documents themselves, they had no evidence whatever that there was anything in them which indicated Ryan wasn't cut out for the...
New Posts  All Forums: