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I want to know when we're ever going to see the sumbich again. Shouldn't he have been carted off to the Hague immediately, if we were doing things by the book? Do we just get to "keep him for a while" until we decide we're bored or what? He may be dead for all we know. George senior is holding him in his dungeon at Kennebunkport... not finished whipping him yet. Barb may want a turn too.
I don't know... a lot of those guys are assholes I suspect, but we don't hear about them stepping out of line like this. Maybe he's an asshole on Monday, Wednesday and Friday... and a Total Douche Bag on Tuesdays and Thursdays. That would explain it if you ask me.
The 1:25 show where I tried to go was sold out by 1:28. The beauty of this movie may end up being that it will appeal to the masses who don't bother to read newspapers and other factually critical sources. Sort of ingenius really; basically demonstrate (by their own words and deeds) how corrupt Bush and his men are, but in a whimsical way that won't bore Joe Average. If the general public doesn't go for the more scholarly stuff, give it to 'em in a package they can relate...
Especially if you're listening to a hockey game.
Cheeldrin, logic iz bahyud, hmmKAY?
The more terrorists (real terrorists) you kill, the more you will breed in the absence of a real political and social reform in the nations that they call home.
Yah, that's the ticket. Nuke 'em till they glow, right? Shear genius... you should run for election. The general populace is just dumb enough that you'd have a real shot as long as you are a convincing public speaker.
A very good point. I suspect we are deluding ourselves into believing we're "more informed" than any past generation. We equate advancements in technology with advancements in our general understanding of things, when we don't really understand at all. The inner workings of everything from economies and nations, to planets and people are lost on us. We are contextually illiterate, or are fast becoming that way. Truthfully, I believe young adults and mature home owners in...
Now THERE'S a serious troll at work... impressive.
Though such things are hard to verify or define, I have to say I agree with Segovius' general point that Bush is also a symptom of a larger problem the faces westernized nations (and not just an imbecile in his own right). Over the last few decades we have become less and less educated (partly due to more and more television viewing and less reading as a result... and partly due to mediocre education standards). We have become less and less like our parents and...
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