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Yes but are there unknown knowns?
Man I am getting psyched already. I can't imagine what a mad-house Calgary is going to be in a few hours - although the police reports indicate a very civilized crowd (unlike the fans of another Canadien franchise, who will remain nameless) - I would love to be there right now. I hope Iginla sets up Gelinas or Nieminen for the GWG... that would be so perfect and typical of this group. Everyone has contributed and skated their ass off for the most part... all playoff...
*jeopardy theme plays in the background* "...something D-o-o economics... Anyone? Anyone?" "Voo-DOO economics..."
That he still holds the position he does, after all the recent events and hearings, is a disgrace. Of course, his utter failure as the civilian leader of this nation's military, and his complete indifference to the sexual torture of prisoners in Iraq (while it was going on) is nothing compared to an elected official getting a blowjob. That deserves immediate impeachment.
To be the devil's advocate, while it may be a very original design, it seems too amorphous a shape to me (unlike all the other designs shown so far on this page). There's no distinct facade or balance to it. Just seems like a blob on stilts.
Very good man... I don't agree with his stance on birth control in third world countries, or on marriage within the priesthood, but I understand both in their historical contexts.
Uh... Hmm. Let me point out the obvious to you (greer): there is no comparison between those two historical scenarios. NONE. Hitler had amassed what amounted to the second or third largest - and probably most technologically advanced - military force in the world to that point. Hussein's military wasn't even on the map in 1991, relative to the rest of the world's major military powers. Put another way, Hussein was never a military threat to the free world at large,...
I think on the whole, Tampa Bay has more talent than Calgary, but none of them are on a par with Iginla's talent. LeCavelier comes pretty close but he's missing a few key attributes that Iginla has in spades. Calgary the team is definitely a case of being more than the sum of its parts. They have great chemistry and work ethic for one thing. I don't know that I've ever seen a team work harder than Calgary has this playoff season. Really. Even hard-nosed teams like New...
Do you honestly think, for one second, that Bush has *any* knowledge whatsoever, of the good works (specific things) or teachings that the Pope has accomplished during his long years of service? Do you think he has a sense of who the Pope is as a person beyond "the nice old guy in the funny hat"? Where he hails from? How he got where he is? Anything? Do you think that he is a genuine admirer... that he has said to himself and his peers "this man needs more recognition for...
If someone can point to a single policy that Bush signed into law, which can be shown to help create these jobs (and we've heard bogus "new job claims" before from this administration), then I will give him credit. Gladly.
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