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Simplenote isn't showing up in the poll. Simplenote for iOS pairs perfectly with Notational Velocity on the Mac.
Wow!  ...and I thought I was behind, hanging on to my 3rd gen iPad.  For me, the simple truth is that I stopped using my iPad when I got an iPhone 6 Plus.  I never intended for my 6 Plus to replace my iPad though.  It just happened.
I can't believe people are trying to weigh things by putting them on their iPhones.   Every now and then, I manage to forget how stupid most people are.  And then, they remind me.
It's a movie about Steve Jobs staring an actor who looks nothing like Steve Jobs. Remember the movie Lincoln? ...imagine it with an actor who looked nothing like Lincoln. It would have been silly. To me, the movie Steve Jobs seems equally as silly. Why would I spend money to see it? Pass.
Fox News?  LOL.
That doesn't work for everyone.  I live in a downtown loft in a big city.  My building, and many like it, has very modern energy efficient windows that block a lot of UV light, but also partially block (or at least severely interfere with) the part of the spectrum that carries HD TV signals.  And since I live in a high rise, I have no access to the roof. I've tried signal boosters and my results have been mixed, but mostly unsuccessful.  I hate Comcast, but in the end, I...
I believe bugs are holding the service back.  As the bugs get squashed and the service gets better, it's going to grow.   Does Apple Music (and, especially, iCloud Music Library) work with iTunes libraries that have over 25,000 songs yet?
So near, but yet so far. CBS is only live streaming in several major markets and NBC requires you to subscribe to cable. What I really want is the ability to abandon cable. Comcast is the corporate embodiment of the devil.
Exactly this. I tried Apple Music and I really liked it, but I quit when my free trial ended because I was having trouble with it.  I'll probably sign up in a few months because I suspect the issues I experienced will get worked out soon(ish).
I live near the Microsoft Store in Portland. Here's a perfect example of how awful it is. I'm not sure if it's still there, but for a long time, there was a huge display in the window with what looked like live tiles (or whatever they call them) from a Microsoft desktop/home page. I think it showed a clock, calendar, weather, etc. It was just a poster though, which means it wasn't worth looking at. I remember a day with rain and temps in the low 50s, but that stupid...
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