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I live near the Microsoft Store in Portland. Here's a perfect example of how awful it is. I'm not sure if it's still there, but for a long time, there was a huge display in the window with what looked like live tiles (or whatever they call them) from a Microsoft desktop/home page. I think it showed a clock, calendar, weather, etc. It was just a poster though, which means it wasn't worth looking at. I remember a day with rain and temps in the low 50s, but that stupid...
I hate to say it, but I'm probably going to bail on Apple Music - at least, until a few more bugs get worked out of iCloud Music Library.   First: my library has more than 25,000 songs, so I can't enable iCloud Music Library - but amazingly (and stupidly), iTunes doesn't tell me about that limit, and when I try to enable iCloud Music Library, iTunes spends a few minutes trying rather than simply notifying me that my library is too large.   Secondly: RATINGS.  When I...
I'm really excited about the possibilities with HomeKit, but I really hope Apple makes it possible to have a Mac control HomeKit. I have Philips Hue lights and I love being able to control them from my Mac rather than having to reach for my iPhone. Since I can control them on my Mac, it means I can create event-like Applescripts for them, and I'm hoping HomeKit expands those possibilities.
I'm still getting the 4001 error as well.
Tim Cook was on Colbert last night because he was invited.  It's really that simple.  He was invited because people would watch.  That's the entire point of having guests: to get ratings.  It didn't matter if nothing new was learned.  That wasn't the point.  The point was to entertain and get ratings.  I enjoyed it.
That's disappointing.  I love having the optical out on my Apple TV.  I use it all the time, when streaming music.
I wonder what the monthly price for the 64 gig models will be.
...but since he looks nothing like Steve Jobs, nobody will notice him.
A day late and $100 short. No thanks.
To be honest, it was pretty easy though many steps are required to set it up.  Once it was set up, it became a Set It And Forget It kind of thing.  Or, to paraphrase Steve Jobs: It just works.  Here's a detailed tutorial I wrote a while ago. You sign up for an account on the Philips Hue AP site.  It's free.  Using a web browser, you create a username on the Hue bridge.  Each of your Hue lights has a url of its own (they're the same except for a /#/ which will be a 1, 2, 3,...
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