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RealRacing 2 HD: 444 mb. Oof.
I suggest giving the ability to rearrange the app-looking icons. That seems like an obvious first step.
The first thing I did with my Apple TV was program the Apple remote functions into my universal remote. I haven't touched it since.
I'm not liking the new Apple TV user interface at all.
Wow. $205 for a 16 gig wifi iPad 2. I got $425 for mine 2 weeks ago so I could upgrade. I'm already glad I ordered the 64 gig version this time, and I won't even receive it until tomorrow. Seriously... the trick to getting a good price used is craigslist, just before Apple announces the next model.
Perhaps the person wanting that feature has two heads? Or one very uniquely formed head with two mouths? ...probably not, but...?
I don't remember asking if you needed a side by side comparison. I mean no offense, but I was asking because *I* wanted one. We all know the new iPad's camera will blow away what the iPad 2 could do. I'm curious to know how the new iPad camera compares to the iPhone 4 camera since they're both 5 megapixels (again, to be clear, NOT the 4S, which has a better camera). I don't expect to use my new iPad as a camera that often, but I think the comparison in capability is an...
I want to see comparisons to the camera in the iPhone 4 (not 4S), as the iPhone 4 also has a 5 megapixel camera.
I have yet to see any of those advocating for a 7 inch iPad address the issue of app sizes. It's hard enough to get developers to make TWO versions of their apps, let alone THREE. iPhone apps would be huge on a 7 inch iPad, but is that magnification useful enough for consumers to want it? iPad apps would be small to the point where many couldn't be used on a smaller screen.
Most laptops cost less than $499? Most garbage laptops. Perhaps that's part of the reason Apple laptops sell so well. Apple doesn't sell garbage laptops, which leaves the bottom of the barrel open to whichever companies want to make trash and accept razor thin margins. And I only quoted the price of the new iPad. The previous iPad 2 sells NEW for $399.
New Posts  All Forums: