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Why does AT&T (or any wireless carrier) charge for texts if they're already charging for data?  Texts are data.  And wireless carriers are scumbags.  I don't mind paying for services, but I do mind being ripped off.  I should have never given up my $5 for limited texts plan.  Google Voice is the way to go.   I wish I could by an iPhone for full price and get nothing but a data plan.  No phone plan at all.
  Oh, how easy it is to be misinformed.  Let me guess: you're a republican?  As recently as 2010, Romney had money in Swiss bank accounts (UBS is one that we know of) which he only brought back to the U.S. because he had other republicans who wanted to run against him this year out him for shady money.  He probably still has a ton of money in the Cayman Islands, if not other places too.
I'm sorry, but these clowns in Washington are the very reason tax loopholes exist.  I must have missed when the republican, Tom Colburn, complained about Mitt Romney hiding money overseas and using tax loopholes.  He'll probably endorse Romney!  Funny how it's wrong unless a republican is doing it.  What. A. Hypocrite.   I think all of these tax loopholes need to be closed.
Perhaps they should have held the mock protest in front of their own headquarters.  If anybody needs to WAKE UP, it's those running RIM.  They're running the company straight into the ground.
This isn't surprising at all.  Heck, it isn't even noteworthy, really.  Most of us can't even imagine how many prototypes Apple went through while creating the original iPhone, though it sure would be fun to know.  And I doubt that any of us, including anyone at Apple, could have imagined what the iPhone would become in such a short time.  I strongly suspect the iPhone exceeded everyone's expectations.  The best innovations tend to do that.   The real revolution...
I'll say it again: scaling iPhone apps up to a larger size shouldn't be too much of an issue. That's an assumption that seems pretty safe to make. And scaling iPad apps down to a smaller size shouldn't be too much of an issue. That's an assumption that seems pretty safe to make. In terms of usability: iPhone apps would be fine on a 7 inch screen, just as they are on the current inch screen (though the example given above shows one which wouldn't work as expected if...
Most people aren't thinking through the software side of the equation. They're just picturing smaller hardware and thinking "Neat!" They're not addressing apps and scaling. We're just seeing the latest version of "Apple needs to make a netbook!" Remember how many people swore again and again that Apple was doomed if they couldn't compete with $200 Eee type netbooks. In the end, consumers didn't stick with netbooks because netbooks couldn't really do very much, and the...
Where did I say anything about needing a retina display? I said iPad apps would have too many UI elements that would be too small to use on a smaller screen. And I'm saying that developers aren't likely to adopt a third version of their apps. So many don't even make a second version for the iPad let alone a 3rd version for an iPad mini. Would an iPad mini really just be a 7 inch iPod Touch with a different name?
You linked to one sentence rather than typing it? Seriously?
I have yet to see any realistic discussions about apps on an iPad mini. It's hard enough to get developers to make two app sizes: iPhone and iPad. An iPad mini would have a screen too small for most iPad apps to run on since many already have very small UI elements as they try to cram as much as possible onto a 10 inch screen. Scaling down to 7 inches would create a poor user experience. iPhone apps, on the other hand, would work quite well as they'd be very...
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