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A quote from Ira Glass' blog: "On this week's episode of This American Life, we will devote the entire hour to detailing the errors in 'Mr. Daisey Goes to the Apple Factory.'" That's what I call being a class act. Too many of those who reported the story initially will do little more than offer an "Oops, our bad" retraction blurb.
I know you're not talking to me, but this is where I can certainly shed a bit of insight regarding the iPad and poor vision.I am legally blind. Literally 20/200 with correction (obviously worse without correction). I'm one of those people who've been hoping for years to get true resolution independence on the Mac. Waiting... waiting... waiting...In my experience, the difference between the screen on the iPad 2 and the new iPad is huge. I suspect that, the worse...
I noticed that too. LOVE IT. Granted, I'd prefer to have all apps offer an iPad version... but I'm really loving how good iPhone apps look on the new iPad. What a huge difference.
Here's something odd about the new iPad. I'm finally at the end of restoring my previous backup, so it's been sitting in an iPad 2 dock, churning away at installing gigs and gigs of apps, photos, music, etc. I noticed how warm it got. Definitely not hot at all, but warm enough that I was surprised. The warmth was mostly in the bottom to bottom left. Interesting. Now, it's cooler, though still warm, and it's warmer in the bottom right than the bottom left. Weird! ...
If you put your iPad in a previous iPad dock, you can see that the angle of the curve around the edges is, in fact, ever so slightly different, and I don't doubt that the case is now a fraction thicker (though doubtfully noticeable to the naked eye). The new iPad fits in an iPad 2 dock, but not as perfectly as the iPad 2 did. The iPad 2 fell perfectly in place. With the new iPad, it fits, but I have to work just a bit to find the connection.
Same here. Mine just arrived and the guy made a similar comment. All I said as I opened the door was "Yay." and he said "Yeah, I'm hearing a lot of that today. I've got tons of these." Now, I'm sitting here watching the progress bar in iTunes as it shows my previous iPad's backup being installed. I'm so glad I went with a 64 gig iPad this time.
I waited in line for the iPhone 4 on its release date. It was actually kind of fun. I showed up at 6 AM (or was it 5?) at the Apple Store in downtown Portland. There were about 50 people in line and I thought "Huh. So much for the hype." And then I realized the line didn't end at the entrance to the mall. It snaked around the block. There were hundreds of people waiting at that one store, and the scene was being repeated across the country, as we all remember I'm...
Oh, wow. I didn't realize that. Hmmm... maybe the switch to retina display versions of apps won't be so rough on an iPads storage space after all.
RealRacing 2 HD: 444 mb. Oof.
I suggest giving the ability to rearrange the app-looking icons. That seems like an obvious first step.
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