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I want to see comparisons to the camera in the iPhone 4 (not 4S), as the iPhone 4 also has a 5 megapixel camera.
I have yet to see any of those advocating for a 7 inch iPad address the issue of app sizes. It's hard enough to get developers to make TWO versions of their apps, let alone THREE. iPhone apps would be huge on a 7 inch iPad, but is that magnification useful enough for consumers to want it? iPad apps would be small to the point where many couldn't be used on a smaller screen.
Most laptops cost less than $499? Most garbage laptops. Perhaps that's part of the reason Apple laptops sell so well. Apple doesn't sell garbage laptops, which leaves the bottom of the barrel open to whichever companies want to make trash and accept razor thin margins. And I only quoted the price of the new iPad. The previous iPad 2 sells NEW for $399.
EASY! Apple does an excellent job of marketing the iPad to people who might not be ready to buy it. Logically, it makes no sense to market a product to those who are already going to buy it. Preaching to the choir doesn't increase the size of the choir. Surely, you understand this. As for the iPad being a toy... Who buy some of the most high end laptops and PCs? Gamers. Does that mean high end laptops and PCs are toys? Of course not.
If you really believe that, you haven't spent enough time browsing the App Store. Sure, there are tons and tons of games and frivolous apps, and that's fine. Heck, it's even great as it's an indicator of how strong the entire platform is, but it's particularly amazing how many very serious apps there are. And it's even more amazing to see what people are doing with iPads. It's safe to say the iPad has outperformed even Apple's expectations, not just in sales, but in...
Exactly. 56% of the market for the iPad. 44% of the market split up among dozens and dozens and dozens of other tablets. Ten years ago, could any of us imagined such a statistic? It's amazing.
I wonder why. I having new iPads in their stores beginning March 16th, but I don't understand why Apple doesn't start immediately delivering them to people who pre-ordered. I understand the appeal of having a unified "launch day" but I think it makes even more sense to get new iPads in people's hands immediately, especially since pre-orders sold out. This would drive even more people to Apple Stores on launch day to try and get their hands on them. I don't remember how...
Standard shipping? As in, the US Postal Service, not UPS or FedEx? My iPad is currently in Ontario CA, shipping via FedEx.
Surely they pre-ordered this past Wednesday. Why would they stand in line? I'm certain they bought some, as did the tech sites that deconstruct them. And I don't mean this in a mocking way. No matter how much Apple may insist otherwise, Apple engineers also buy competitors' tablets, even if only to see how far behind the competitors are. It's all part of the process, and despite statements to the contrary, it matters. And we all benefit from it in the end. Ah,...
Exactly. Yes, this makes selling a used iPad a bit more challenging, and I won't be surprised if the next iPhone is just an iPhone (temporarily referred to as "the new iPhone" but... in the end, this simplifies the brand. And, really, it doesn't matter what we think. The decision has been made. When my iPad arrives on Friday, it's a new iPad and I'll be thrilled to get it.
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