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How do I set up Apple's Messages app to send and receive my Google Voice texts?  Can this even be done?
That is one lame slogan.
  This actually makes a lot of sense, especially if Apple also gives developers the ability to use the entire screen if they choose to (video apps, certainly).
  In some ways, you're the worst kind of troll.  You're the kind of troll who doesn't even realize he's a troll.  That's evident in that you want to turn this page into a debate about you rather than discuss what the article was about.   That 2010 MBP?  It was developed under the leadership of Jobs Safari?  ...under Jobs. iOS 5.0.1?  ...under Jobs. Lion?  ...under Jobs.   And yet, here you are building an argument against Tim Cook for not being Steve Jobs, even as you...
I don't agree.  Think about it for a moment.  Not only did Jobs recruit Cook, he also entrusted him with Apple when his health was failing.  Steve Jobs was wise enough to know that when he had a resurgence of what looked like good health a few years back, it wouldn't last.  He didn't go on a search for a successor - because he already had one (and possibly another in waiting years from now).   Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs, nor was Steve Jobs a Tim Cook.  Everyone has...
While I'm not entirely disagreeing with him, it's important to note that even in emerging markets, it will be consumers who decide what they can or can't afford, not some dude in a bad suit.
  That's just an excuse.  Apple isn't promoting Siri is being in beta.  They're using it as a major selling feature for the iPhone 4S.   I love Apple.  Love my Mini, my Apple TV, my iPhone and my iPad, but I don't like the idea of making excuses - even for Apple - when products don't meet expectations.
No worries :)
I bow to you, sir.  You had me at...  er...  lost me at "geophycicsl."   It is a shame Apple has fallen so far behind with the Mac Pro, but I can understand at least part of why they may have.  So many of us former beast-buyers have moved on - not because we don't want Mac Pros, but because the technology has progressed to the point where we can do with less.  I'd been buying the biggest, baddest thing Apple made since the days of the Quadra.  It's been ten years...
I mostly agree with AT&T here.  Eventually, the vast majority of all mobile devices (especially tablets) will have cell radios as standard equipment.  But the days of needing a phone plan are going to come to an end.  All we're going to need is a data plan.  AT&T should be shaking in their boots over that one.   I don't need a phone plan.  I don't need minutes.  I don't need a text plan.  I need data.  If somebody offered a data plan only for iPhone, I'd dump AT&T...
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