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Keep in mind that most of the longer recharge time is due to the display on the new iPad, not LTE. My iPad is wifi, but yes, it takes much longer to recharge than my iPad 2. Though we're getting more or less the same amount of battery life per charge, due to the needs of the retina display, the battery in the new iPad is significantly more powerful than the battery in the iPad 2. Since the iPhone already has a retina display, a larger form factor wouldn't be as much of...
Exactly. I want a 4 to 4.5 inch screen on the next iPhone. I don't want something as huge as some of the new Android phones, but I definitely want something in the 4 to 4.5 inch range. A 4 inch iPhone could be perfect.
I'm surprised by how warm my new iPad gets, but that's only because I never noticed my previous iPad 2 being even warm at all. I'll be curious to see how this all plays out. Do LTE iPads run hotter than wifi iPads (mine is wifi). I think mine runs hotter when in use while charging. It ran the warmest during the very first use as it was charging in the dock and installing gigs and gigs worth of data, music and apps. It's certainly warm, but I wouldn't say hot.
Are you crazy?! Don't sell AAPL yet. Look at how amazing the growth has been even before Apple truly incorporates the living room into iOS. When a real Apple TV set is released along with an Apple TV app store, the stock will go insane. I still believe the stock has nowhere to go but up.
EXACTLY. Equal time is owed to correcting a story. That's why I was so impressed with Ira Glass. I'm blown away by the fact that adults make entire careers out of doing the very same thing adults teach children not to do: tell lies. It's crazy. Politicians do it every day to support an agenda. So does a certain TV "news" outlet. It's wrong. If one can't honestly support a cause or belief, perhaps one needs to reconsider the validity of that belief.
So, the new iPad has the same sensor as the iPhone 4. I can't help wondering if it also has the same optics as the iPhone 4S. It would make sense - buying more of the parts you're already ordering, potentially bringing down costs at the same time.
WHAT?!? Wow. If you're not getting good shots out of your iPhone 4, you either have a defective unit, or photography isn't something you're good at. As a point of reference, I normally shoot with a DSLR (Nikon D7000 / Sony a77). Obviously, a $2,000+ DSLR body & lens is capable of things no phone ever could be... but I love shooting with my iPhone 4 and have no trouble getting excellent results. In fact, when I'm feeling creatively bored with my DSLR, I head out with...
Who said anything about MSNBC?
A quote from Ira Glass' blog: "On this week's episode of This American Life, we will devote the entire hour to detailing the errors in 'Mr. Daisey Goes to the Apple Factory.'" That's what I call being a class act. Too many of those who reported the story initially will do little more than offer an "Oops, our bad" retraction blurb.
I know you're not talking to me, but this is where I can certainly shed a bit of insight regarding the iPad and poor vision.I am legally blind. Literally 20/200 with correction (obviously worse without correction). I'm one of those people who've been hoping for years to get true resolution independence on the Mac. Waiting... waiting... waiting...In my experience, the difference between the screen on the iPad 2 and the new iPad is huge. I suspect that, the worse...
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