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Yup. You probably do qualify as close to being the world's worst photographer. Perhaps part of the problem is that you don't understand the tools you're using. If you did, you'd get much better pictures. Don't get me wrong... I own a $1400 DSLR body and have multiple lenses/filters/etc for it. I love my DSLR! But I still shoot with my iPhone sometimes, and love it as well. They say that the best camera is the one you have with you (meaning, no matter how amazing...
No offense, but no. It's ridiculous to even suggest it. In fact, the fact that you say "professional" shows you don't know what you're talking about. Pro Nikons are full frame and require lenses that can support full frame (fx). The (wink) "professional" Nikons you're probably thinking of are entry level cropped sensor (dx) consumer DSLRs like the D40/D50/D60. Speaking as a guy who owned a D50 (which dates back to 2005, those images blow away what an iPhone 4S can...
The iPhone 4 has been the most used camera on flickr for quite a while now. If I'm not mistaken, it unseated the Nikon D90 at the top of that list last year.
I don't think there was ever an honest debate about whether the new iPad runs as hot as many laptops. It doesn't. Frankly, this whole thing is a non-issue that began simply because many of us who bought a new iPad were surprised by how much warmer it runs than our previous iPad. My new wifi iPad definitely runs warmer than my previous wifi iPad 2. But does it run hot? No, not really. Just warmer than I expected. The new screen is frigging amazing.
This UI is absolutely terrible - BUT - I strongly suspect it was implemented to ready Apple TV for apps. The original Apple TV UI wasn't particularly great either (though it was certainly better than the new UI).
I'm not an army guy by any means... but two things the U.S. army doesn't lack: money and talent. And that's as it should be. If the army is finding uses for iOS, I think that's awesome. If only the space program were as well funded.
This is exactly what I'm expecting. I'll be disappointed if the new iPhone sticks to the same 3.5 inch screen. I never felt compelled to upgrade to an iPhone 4S simply because my iPhone 4 is still an excellent device. I'm really hoping for a compelling reason to upgrade. For many, that'll be LTE. For me, it's all about the screen.
Keep in mind that most of the longer recharge time is due to the display on the new iPad, not LTE. My iPad is wifi, but yes, it takes much longer to recharge than my iPad 2. Though we're getting more or less the same amount of battery life per charge, due to the needs of the retina display, the battery in the new iPad is significantly more powerful than the battery in the iPad 2. Since the iPhone already has a retina display, a larger form factor wouldn't be as much of...
Exactly. I want a 4 to 4.5 inch screen on the next iPhone. I don't want something as huge as some of the new Android phones, but I definitely want something in the 4 to 4.5 inch range. A 4 inch iPhone could be perfect.
I'm surprised by how warm my new iPad gets, but that's only because I never noticed my previous iPad 2 being even warm at all. I'll be curious to see how this all plays out. Do LTE iPads run hotter than wifi iPads (mine is wifi). I think mine runs hotter when in use while charging. It ran the warmest during the very first use as it was charging in the dock and installing gigs and gigs worth of data, music and apps. It's certainly warm, but I wouldn't say hot.
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