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I hope this means an update for the Magic Trackpad is on the way too.  I love mine, but it's starting to die (after years, so I'm not complaining!).  I assume a force touch model is on the way....?
Huh?  Belkin's API for WEMO used to be as locked down as locked down gets.  And buggy as hell.  Have they updated it?  What I really want is to be able to control my WEMO Switch (which isn't a switch.  It's a plug) using terminal or applescript so I can then create hotkeys for it using BetterTouchTool.
Any chance this device can be toggled using OSX? I own a Belkin WEMO, and I cannot overstate how much I hate the thing because it can only be controlled using iOS. I'd be thrilled to replace it with a device I can toggle using hotkeys on my Mac. I control my Philips Hue lights using hotkeys on my Mac, and it's fantastic... but that frigging WEMO piece of garbage can only be toggled using iOS. Well, it also works with ifTTT, but that's laggy enough that it's terrible...
It'll be thicker at the back.  In fact, the front will be .7mm thinner.  Thinner, you say?  Yes, thinner.  But the back will be .9mm thicker, thus making the entire device .2mm thicker overall.  It gets confusing though, because Apple has reversed the front and the back, which also necessitated swapping the left and the right.  So, when you're holding the iPhone 6s, technically speaking, you'll be looking at the exact opposite side that you think you are.  The screen is on...
 I wasn't listening while he was on...  but saying she's better because he talked more is like saying having a cold is better than having the flu because it doesn't suck as much.  That's true, but it doesn't make having a cold suck any less.  I wouldn't have minded her talking so much if she actually had something to say...  but she didn't.  I listened for around an hour before I couldn't take it any more. It'll be interesting to see what Beats 1 sounds like a few weeks...
It's mostly dance music, and a British woman won't shut up even though she has nothing to say.  Will people keep tuning in for this?  Time will tell.
Holy cow, could they name it anything more awkward?  Samsung S6 Edge Plus?  If you don't think that's awkward, try saying it out loud.
Do most people prefer a white face for their iPhones? It seems odd that the only model with a black face is the space gray option. If Apple adds a fourth color option, it'll mean 3 out of 4 will have a white front.
I think Philips has said that's coming - but one really cool thing about Hue is that the API is open and documented, so you can already do anything you'd want in terms of home automation.  I control my Hue with my Mac using Applescript.  And thanks to the free (and awesome!) BetterTouchTool app, it's easy to use those Applescripts to control Hue using a keyboard, trackpad or even an Apple Remote.  Or, for the best option, you can buy a Flirc usb IR receiver dongle and...
I love my Hue, but I don't understand why Philips keeps creating these lights that sit at a weird angle.
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