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No upgrade pricing for the users who have supported Flexbits for years. I'm willing to bet they'll drop the price or at least put it on a much bigger sale once we've already bought it. I don't mind paying more for better software, but this price seems too much. I wouldn't complain if they'd put it on a bigger sale at launch.
Please please please, please release a standalone Magic Trackpad version of this.
Even the basic version is fantastic. I bought it when it was first released and I love it. I'm so glad it's back, which means development continues.
No, his first name ain't baby. It's Ron. Mr Johnson if you're nasty.
Even better than using 3rd party apps, the code that controls Philips Hue bulbs is open, so once you figure out the basics, you can control Hue with Applescript from your Mac.  Why would you want to do that?  Well, if you pair your Mac up with an Apple Remote (I'm talking about the $20 physical remote control Apple sells for Macs and Apple TV) and BetterTouchTool, you can control your lights by remote control.  Just assign each button to trigger an Applescript....
No.  My point is that you have to keep it in perspective.  Let's say a boxer consistently knocks out opponents in the first or second round.  Then, one day, it takes him until the fifth round.  It's silly to start saying "Wow, it looks like he's not doing so well."  It's ridiculous, even.  By any reasonable measure, 50% adoption of a new OS in less than 2 months is pretty amazing, especially since there are a lot of devices iOS 8 can't run on.  I still have an iPhone 4...
"Finally" breaks 50%.  How long does it take a new release of Android to reach 50%?
None of this matters because neither the FTC nor the FCC are going to take any meaningful action. A slap on the wrist confirms to all mobile carriers that there are no consequences.
Man, I wish this worked with Google Voice. I realize it's possible to do something similar using Chrome, but I hate Chrome.
How do the Finnish know when they're done?
New Posts  All Forums: