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By the way... notice that there ISN'T a menu bar in the majority of these images of Lion. That's troubling. http://www.apple.com/macosx/lion/
After Lion, we'll still probably get 10.8 and 10.9, but I wouldn't be surprised if Apple eventually walks away from X as a brand name and just calls it the Mac OS... leaving us with iOS and Mac OS. So, after 10.9, we'd get Mac OS 11. I'm sure they'll pick another fun branding scheme though. Maybe another animal? Maybe something else entirely. Apple has always been brilliant at that sort of thing. Well, not always. The 90s were a bit of a mess. Oh, those were dark...
The funny thing about the antenna design of the iPhone 4 is that calling it a non-issue is only half-right. Not only ISN'T it an issue... I've had fewer dropped calls with my iPhone 4 than I've had with any mobile phone I've ever owned. That doesn't mean it can't be improved of course. Even the best can get better. But, no matter what Apple does with future iPhones, there will always be people who define what they like by insulting something else, regardless of...
Don't be surprised if this changes. I mean, come on. It's day 1 of the Mac App Store.
Apple isn't in the business of selling FaceTime. Apple is in the business of selling iPhones. If skype brings an easy to use facetime competitor to the iPhone, it's good for Apple because it helps to sell iPhones.
ProCamera does this. In ProCamera, it's called Full Screen Trigger. There's also an option for Full Screen Anti Shake, which is handy. In Full Screen Anti Shake Trigger mode, the shutter button becomes an anti-shake override.Placement of the zoom options is also far less annoying in ProCamera.Also, ProCamera saves the pics you take in the camera roll where they belong instead of putting them in a silly lightbox that requires the extra step to move them later.Camera+ is...
"71.2 percent of all AT&T cell phone subscribers, which includes users of smartphones like the iPhone as well as feature phones, use data services, while only 43 percent of all Verizon cell phone users subscribe to data services."
As others have said... it's because of apps. I constantly use apps for things that, even on my Mac, I would have used Safari for. Want to check sports scores? APP. Mass transit schedules? APP. News? APP. Email? APP. Need a map? APP. Facebook. APP. Find a movie in theatres. APP. Forget going out. Let's stay home and find a movie on Netflix instead. APP! I almost never use Safari. It's not even on my home screen anymore.
Not to quibble here, but it actually makes more sense to control the volume with your receiver, just as you would when playing a DVD or listening to the radio. Don't get me wrong: I would like the ability to control volume via Apple TV too (or at least an option to lower the volume by 5db since Apple TV's output is a little too loud for the HDMI input on my crap TV).
Let them complain. There will always be a carrier wiling to pay the subsities to get the iPhone. When it comes time, they'll all remember the demand the iPhone 4 generated. And they'll want in. Let them complain.
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