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I actually DON'T see Ping as a facebook competitor. I see it as Apple trying to sell more music by making music easier for people who aren't music geeks to find (I am a music geek and proudly so). I also see Ping as Apple trying to get more people to use iTunes and the iTunes store via word of mouth. It could turn into brilliant marketing, really. The more Apple can connect people to iTunes and the iTunes store, the greater the odds people will buy music that way. ...
I'd love to have AM and FM radio on my iPhone. HD radio too. Why not? But to legally REQUIRE it? That's a joke. The NAB should be embarrassed.
I wouldn't blame Apple for not going with Verizon yet. There's so much involved here that we couldn't possibly know about. Don't get me wrong... I love my iPhone and want to see Apple sell as many of them as possible. More iPhones = more money for iPhone developers. That = even better apps for us.
This is interesting... but the flip-side is that the iPhone 4 is still sold out at 50% of Apple stores.
These numbers are quite misleading. Apple makes two versions of one phone. How many Android phones are there?
If I already own a charger for rechargeable batteries, can I use Eneloops in it, or do I need a specific charger? If I didn't already own a charger, I'd buy Apple's charger in a heartbeat. I've been using rechargeable batteries for years.
Care to explain that?
My thoughts exactly... but... I wonder how many people who have had dropped calls because of Proximity sensor problems even realized that was the cause. I think I accidentally hung up on someone this way. I've had two 'dropped calls' so far, and that was one of them (if so, it doesn't really count as a dropped call). I'm LOVING my iPhone 4. It might be the best tech purchase I've ever made.
Absolutely. Android pushes phones and tablets further away from Windows.
This is why I love Apple. I happily paid for bumpers shortly after I bought my iPhone 4. I never had any reception issues... I just liked the feel of the phone with bumpers, especially when using it as a camera (damn, that camera is fun!), so I bought 'em. Apple announced they're giving away free bumpers to put an end to the (bogus) antennagate. And sure enough, I got an email this morning from Apple saying my purchase had been refunded. I didn't even have to ask...
New Posts  All Forums: