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Wow. Bragging about "near best in class." I can't wait to see what happens when other carriers pick up the iPhone.
I can't replicate a signal drop on my iPhone 4 at all. And these videos prove that the antenna issue isn't unique to the iPhone 4, which means the whole iPhone 4 antenna problems argument is bogus. It isn't an iPhone 4 problem. It's a smartphone problem, or possibly even a cellphone problem. The new iPhone design just made it easier to document.
I couldn't disagree more strongly. Apple was bringing AT&T customers. AT&T was worrying about suits being worn to meetings, which has nothing to do with improving anything for AT&T customers. Issues of corporate culture tend to have very little to do with customers and everything to do with power and ego. I hope AT&T goes down in flames when Apple opens up the iPhone to multiple carriers.
I disagree that Apple was out of line in any way here. Remember the Toyotas-won't-stop problem from a few months ago? If the issue wasn't a Toyota issue, but instead a problem that was universal to all cars (or all sedans, regardless of the carmaker), you're damn right that I'd have wanted Toyota to point that out.
I disagree. Jobs clearly showed the problem exists and that it exists for all smartphones. He then gave a demonstration to show this. This whole thing has been blown so far out of proportion that it's ridiculous.
I agree completely. My iPhone 4 has outperformed any hopes I had when I bought it. I'm not saying it's perfect. Sure, there are things I'd love to see changed/altered/etc... but then again, nothing is perfect, especially since what's perfect for me might not be perfect for you... but I'm thrilled with my iPhone 4. It is, by far, the best phone I've ever owned or even used. I love it.
I thought the biggest problem for the iPhone 4 is that they're selling faster than Apple can make them.
The iPhone ad that highlighted someone using facetime for sign language. When I saw it on TV, my jaw dropped. Absolutely brilliant.
What an ignorant series of articles this is. It's titled "The end of Apple's iPod era" and yet, in the articles, the author refers to the continued importance of the iPod's halo effect. This isn't the end of Apple's iPod era by any stretch of the imagination. Misleading title. Flawed premise. Mangled facts. Is AI the tech equivalent of Fox News? Sheesh. I expect better.
Are you referring to proper English?
New Posts  All Forums: