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These numbers are quite misleading. Apple makes two versions of one phone. How many Android phones are there?
If I already own a charger for rechargeable batteries, can I use Eneloops in it, or do I need a specific charger? If I didn't already own a charger, I'd buy Apple's charger in a heartbeat. I've been using rechargeable batteries for years.
Care to explain that?
My thoughts exactly... but... I wonder how many people who have had dropped calls because of Proximity sensor problems even realized that was the cause. I think I accidentally hung up on someone this way. I've had two 'dropped calls' so far, and that was one of them (if so, it doesn't really count as a dropped call). I'm LOVING my iPhone 4. It might be the best tech purchase I've ever made.
Absolutely. Android pushes phones and tablets further away from Windows.
This is why I love Apple. I happily paid for bumpers shortly after I bought my iPhone 4. I never had any reception issues... I just liked the feel of the phone with bumpers, especially when using it as a camera (damn, that camera is fun!), so I bought 'em. Apple announced they're giving away free bumpers to put an end to the (bogus) antennagate. And sure enough, I got an email this morning from Apple saying my purchase had been refunded. I didn't even have to ask...
Wow. Bragging about "near best in class." I can't wait to see what happens when other carriers pick up the iPhone.
I can't replicate a signal drop on my iPhone 4 at all. And these videos prove that the antenna issue isn't unique to the iPhone 4, which means the whole iPhone 4 antenna problems argument is bogus. It isn't an iPhone 4 problem. It's a smartphone problem, or possibly even a cellphone problem. The new iPhone design just made it easier to document.
I couldn't disagree more strongly. Apple was bringing AT&T customers. AT&T was worrying about suits being worn to meetings, which has nothing to do with improving anything for AT&T customers. Issues of corporate culture tend to have very little to do with customers and everything to do with power and ego. I hope AT&T goes down in flames when Apple opens up the iPhone to multiple carriers.
I disagree that Apple was out of line in any way here. Remember the Toyotas-won't-stop problem from a few months ago? If the issue wasn't a Toyota issue, but instead a problem that was universal to all cars (or all sedans, regardless of the carmaker), you're damn right that I'd have wanted Toyota to point that out.
New Posts  All Forums: