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I think Apple TV is brilliant. What it needs to be perfect is apps. By "apps" I'm not talking about facebook or games. I'm talking about apps that would be similar to Plex plugins. I want a Comedy Central app, or at least a Daily Show app. And I'd love to be able to get live channel apps. Then I'd be rid of cable for good!
In the new Google Voice app, I added a bunch of contacts into the Quick Dial list. Then I edited the list to change their order. I put them in alphabetical order. DONE. The next time I went back to the list, the app forgot the order I'd put them in. Whaaaa? I can't figure out how to make any changes to the Quick Dial list order stick. Is anyone else experiencing this?
I think it's pretty easy, actually. The app store needs a way to quickly filter and sort apps. In iTunes, I can sort by date added, date modified, genre, rating, etc etc etc. Why can't I do that in the app store too? The app store desperately needs an overhauled ratings system as well as a ratings-dispute system. In other words, there needs to be a way to get bogus ratings off the system. Take the new Google Voice app, for example. There are a ton of people giving...
I heard a rumor that the rumors were just rumors.
You can't be serious, can you? If that's all there was, why would it take another 8+months to release? Don't get me wrong... I'm pretty underwhelmed too, but I know we'll be seeing more as the release date nears.
I know! That's comedy. Who really values the opinions of anyone bent out of shape about a changed icon? The old one was fine. The new one is fine.
I love the Apple Store. In my opinion, the store's biggest challenge is Apple's own success. I can't think of any other store that I make an effort to go to at off-hours because of how busy it is. The Apple Store in downtown Portland's Pioneer Place mall is always mobbed. Despite this, I've always gotten excellent customer service there. I bought my iPhone the day the iPhone 4 went on sale. The entire mall was a zoo. I've never seen anything like it. When I finally...
I guess there aren't any costs involved with designing the new nano. Who knew!
What I don't get about the new AppleTV is... why doesn't it run apps? I'm talking about apps more along the lines of PLEX plugins rather than stuff like facebook or games. With apps, channels like Comedy Central could create their own subscription model. Say, a dollar a month to run the Comedy Central app with full streaming live or streamed shows. I'd ditch Comcast in a heartbeat if I could get ESPN, MSNBC and Comedy Central (for The Daily Show and Colbert).
I really hope AirPlay will let me stream music from my iPhone 4 to my airport express.
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