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While I agree with much of what this article is saying, the author misses the point. The bloggers who fabricate this whole bendgate thing are raking in the dough from a massive boost in ad revenue as their clicks and views skyrocket. For them - the bloggers - it's not really about iPhones vs Android. It's about generating revenue for their blogs and/or video channels.
If the Apple cases covered across the bottom, I'd probably go with one for my iPhone 6 Plus, but they don't. What I want is a very slim all black case that covers the back and all four side edges. That's basically Apple's new cases except those only cover three edges, leaving the bottom edge exposed. Bummer.
For the iPhone 7, Apple is probably going to have to create a lottery system to reserve a chance to buy the thing, which means it'll sell out before even going on sale.  Last night was frustrating, but I can't criticize Apple.  Demand is insanely high on a global level, and it's probably just going to get worse as Apple makes inroads in places like China.  I can't imagine any company keeping up with that demand, especially in the first hour - or even the first ten minutes.
I wish the silver model was black on the front instead of white. That'd be my choice... but it looks like it's white, so I'm going with Space Gray. Silly name, nice color.
Can someone explain this to me? I'm a bit confused. If I had T-Mobile... Are they saying I could make a call on my wifi internet, which is Comcast, using my T-Mobile number? And the call would switch over to T-Mobile if I walked out of reach of my wifi? Does that mean using no data and no minutes so long as the call is using wifi? I wish I could get a data-only plan. I don't need minutes. I just need data for when I'm not on wifi. As for calls... I'd happily let...
 It's Apple's fault for decisions you make?  That's lame.  You MUST upgrade?  Your current iPhone still works perfectly.  If you don't want to upgrade, don't.  COERCING?!  That's lame.  No, they're not.  Your current iPhone still works perfectly.  If it doesn't, buy one of the current models which - by the way - just became more affordable.  There is no law saying you need the newest iPhone.  There isn't even a law saying you need to own a smartphone at all.  No.  Don't...
 Whoa there cowboy.  Nobody is forcing you to do anything.  Don't want one?  Don't buy one.
That page hints at answers to my questions but doesn't provide actual answers.  The "Display View" part, in particular, looks interesting.  I assume that's a menu setting...?   EDIT:  it looks like Apple may have addressed this a bit during the part of the keynote when the stream crashed for me.  I found some info about app scaling here.
What the heck does THAT mean?  The 5.5 can't actually be used?  I really wish people wouldn't troll.  Not that it matters, but, I'm a guy with large hands and long fingers, so the size isn't a problem for me.  And the page you linked to answers none of the questions I asked.  I'm not asking about screen size or device size, but rather, the size of elements displayed on the new models in comparison to the size of those same elements as seen on an iPhone 5.
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