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I haven't tried a Bloom, but I did buy and return a Lightstrip.  The Lightstrip was awesome, but it didn't suit my particular needs, sadly.  That being said, I am a huge fan of Hue.  Yeah, it's pricey, but it's also pretty amazing how big of a difference those bulbs can make.  Lighting is one of the easiest ways to make a big home improvement, and once you've used these, it's hard to go back to standard light bulbs.  It's so easy to add a bit - or a lot - of warmth to your...
This app is a good start, but I'm betting it's buggy.  Also, echoing the previous comment, the idea that the QX10 and QX100 are just lenses is pretty ignorant.  They're cameras.
Any thoughts on how scratch resistant the new space gray will be compared to the previous silver?  I bought an iPad 3 the day it was released and never used a case.  It still looks brand new.  I'm hoping the new space gray will be as tough if not tougher.
Philips made the API for HUE open and available (and well documented too!) so, you could always whip up some applescripts for controlling your lights with hotkeys on your Mac. There are already some Mac apps for Hue, including the free QuickHue menubar app that's on Github. I've owned a Hue starter pack (3 bulbs plus a hub) since last spring, and I absolutely love them. I never use the iPhone app, but I do have the iPhone app set up to turn my lights on automatically...
elehcdn, I'm not seeing iOS 7 yet either.
Anybody else getting an error when they try to update to iTunes 11.1?
If they could find a way to work with Apple so that the lens could feed photo apps you already have, this would be a huge hit. I love Sony hardware. I own an A77 and it's the greatest camera I've ever used. But limiting these QX lenses to using Sony software will turn them into a disappointment.
I shoot with a Sony A77. Ever since I made the switch from Nikon to Sony in late 2011, I've been blown away by the approach Sony is taking. Canon and Nikon feel so out of date by comparison. Sadly though, I think Sony is further ahead of the curve than consumers are.
There is absolutely no way that thing has a large enough sensor to support 41 megapixels.  They're targeting dummies who simply don't know better.  Cramming more pixels onto a sensor only works if you increase the sensor size dramatically.  For 41 megapixels, we'd be talking about a sensor the size of what would be in a top of the line full frame DSLR (think $3,000+ price range minimum).   Apparently, we're going back to the old days where people buy based on numbers...
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