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That solution isn't going to work for some of us since we're not coming from a previous iPhone to an iPhone 4. My iPhone 4 is my first iPhone.
Hhhmmmmm... I think I've had this happen to me too. I was on the phone with a friend last night and my iPhone somehow started dialing digits.
Well, since iPhone 4 is currently sold out with a three week wait for backorders... (rolls eyes) Has any other phone ever had so strong a launch?
My experience has been flawless as well. I haven't been able to recreate any of the reception 'death grip' issues I've read about online. I'm absolutely loving my iPhone 4.
If you own bumpers for your iPhone 4: Does the bumper make it annoying to slip the iPhone in and out of your jeans pocket? Does the bumper stay on well, or does it easily fall off? Does it make the iPhone more comfortable when you're talking on the phone?
Weird. I can't replicate this problem at all. I have large hands and I've tried gripping my iPhone in my left, completely covering the area they're talking about (hell, I tried covering as much of the sides and back as possible) and I see no change in my reception. It's full strength, regardless.
Oof. I waited 3 and a half hours in line. I arrived an hour before the Apple Store opened, and I'm glad I did. I got there at 6 AM. By 6:30, the line was insane! It was worth it
Wow. What a location... and what presentation. The red curtains really look stunning. Apple certainly knows how to create hype.
The only embarrassment for Apple is that they're stuck with AT&T (for reasons I definitely don't understand). Did you catch Jon Stewart slamming AT&T last night on The Daily Show? It kills me that I have to switch to an inferior network in order to have an iPhone. The pairing of Apple and AT&T really is odd.
Sadly, it won't. There are so many people (and we all know who they are) who just compare tech specs in search of something to argue about. I think the new iPhone looks spectacular and I'm even willing to switch to AT&T to get it. Can't wait!
New Posts  All Forums: