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Don't last as long? I've been averaging five years from every Mac I've bought since my PowerMac 7100! They do cost more up front unless you buy something of equal quality on the PC side. It's just that most on the PC side buy cheap garbage, which is why their first thoughts are "How do I upgrade it?"
In this economy, the last thing I'd want to see Apple do is waste money sponsoring the U2 tour. Don't get me wrong - I think half of the new U2 album is great, and they were amazing on Letterman last week. I bet the tour will be amazing too - but times are tough. Let someone else foot the bill.
It isn't.When I go to the control panel and click "Mouse" (I assume that's what you meant by Mouse Icon), I get an error message that says "Unable to connect to the Synaptic Pointing Device Driver". I'm guessing it was never installed? Where/how do I find that?Just in case it matters, there isn't a Device Settings tab, and none of the tabs mention anything about tap. Still, the touchpad works just fine other than that it's hyper-sensitive in terms of clicking. The...
I'm borrowing a friend's PC laptop for a few days and the trackpad is KILLING me! How do I change the settings so it doesn't mouse-click when I touch the trackpad? It has buttons for clicking, but for some reason, the trackpad is so sensitive that all it takes is a touch to click it. ACK! Help! The laptop is a Toshiba running XP.
I'm not sure if this is a 10.5.5 error or not, but I've suddenly realized that my spellcheck isn't spellchecking. At first, I thought it was a Safari error, but I'm seeing it in other apps too. Edit > Spelling And Grammar > "check spelling as I type" is clicked. FDSfdskajfds! <-- that proves it's not working! (I saw no red underline) ...am I missing something here? Help!
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