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How can smearing a camera lens be a good idea?
If you're reading on a device that you can't possibly even own yet, I assume that'll cause a very unique sort of eye strain. Maybe even brain strain.
Bravo on the math. Well done!
I was trying to read this article, but somebody's Verizon map kept getting in the way.
I found a solution. I don't consider it ideal, but it is pretty good. There's a system wide EQ, etc, app called HEAR. The interface is a bit of a mess and much of what the software does is crap, but its EQ seems pretty good. There are a ton of other options in it, but I shut everything else off.
Who is asking you to "pony up" again? Did your iLife 08 stop working when iLife 09 came out? Mine was fine. If you think the upgrade is worth the price, you buy it. If it isn't, you don't. Hey, I just bought a new Mac and yeah, I'm now wishing I'd waited a few more days... but if I have to buy iLife 10, I'll choose to do so if the upgrade is worthwhile for me. Otherwise, iLife 09 rocks (well, for me it's all about iPhoto and the FlickrExport add-on)
If there is a new version of iLife, is there any free upgrade for those of us who just bought new Macs? I know... probably not...
I own a mini, but not as a server. Still, I'd think the benefits are obvious: size, cost, the lower cost of energy. I love my mini and am tempted to upgrade to a new one just for the boost to 4 gigs of ram. The speed boost would be nice too, I suppose, but I'm not really sure how much of a difference going from 2ghz to 2.5 ghz would make in everyday use. Then again, maybe it would be a big difference? I'd definitely benefit from having more RAM, that's for sure. I've...
Gotcha. No worries... but I'd really like to learn how to set up both my Mac and cheapo netbook, and be able to transfer files on a somewhat regular basis.
It's just so surprising to me that in 2010, there still isn't an easy way for two computers to see each other and swap content... especially when they're already sharing the same wifi. Crazy.
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