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Oof. I waited 3 and a half hours in line. I arrived an hour before the Apple Store opened, and I'm glad I did. I got there at 6 AM. By 6:30, the line was insane! It was worth it
Wow. What a location... and what presentation. The red curtains really look stunning. Apple certainly knows how to create hype.
The only embarrassment for Apple is that they're stuck with AT&T (for reasons I definitely don't understand). Did you catch Jon Stewart slamming AT&T last night on The Daily Show? It kills me that I have to switch to an inferior network in order to have an iPhone. The pairing of Apple and AT&T really is odd.
Sadly, it won't. There are so many people (and we all know who they are) who just compare tech specs in search of something to argue about. I think the new iPhone looks spectacular and I'm even willing to switch to AT&T to get it. Can't wait!
...so, what you're saying is: Apple's exclusive AT&T deal means people no longer have to be respectful? Really? That's really a sad statement. Again, that's what's wrong with our society these days. I wonder if it's an American thing, or if it's everywhere... I agree that the exclusive AT&T deal sucks. God, that's the only thing that has held me back from buying an iPhone so far (though I'll probably just cope with AT&T because I really want this new iPhone).
Because there is such a thing as being respectful. Good god, what the hell is wrong with our society these days?
Apple's success in __________ forces Microsoft to shake up its _________ team. Nothing new there.
Still no option to not use fonts smaller than a certain size? That's a shame. Is there an easy workaround?
I love the story, but damn was that news report cheeeeeeeese!!!!
Oh brother. What a non-story. Hulu will be on HTML5. It's just going to take time. There's no way they'll pass on the chance to be on iPhones and iPads. Adobe had a good run with Flash, and it'll still find plenty of use, but HTML5 is the future and there's no getting around that fact.
New Posts  All Forums: