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Because there is such a thing as being respectful. Good god, what the hell is wrong with our society these days?
Apple's success in __________ forces Microsoft to shake up its _________ team. Nothing new there.
Still no option to not use fonts smaller than a certain size? That's a shame. Is there an easy workaround?
I love the story, but damn was that news report cheeeeeeeese!!!!
Oh brother. What a non-story. Hulu will be on HTML5. It's just going to take time. There's no way they'll pass on the chance to be on iPhones and iPads. Adobe had a good run with Flash, and it'll still find plenty of use, but HTML5 is the future and there's no getting around that fact.
AT&T is the reason I don't have an iPhone. I want one badly and I have to admit, the next iPhone sure has me tempted... but it's on AT&T. Every time I get disconnected from someone, it's always the same thing. I call back and say "Oh, god, you're on AT&T aren't you?" Of course they are. I'm on Cricket. I pay $45 a month for everything unlimited. I never have dropped calls. PLEASE, APPLE, PLEASE. Please add a second carrier for the iPhone.
Honest to god, AT&T is lost. I want an iPhone, but I get hung up on every time I'm talking to a friend who has an iPhone. Sometimes it happens twice during the conversation. I want an iPhone, but not until it's no longer only on AT&T (or maybe if I move somewhere AT&T doesn't have so many dropped calls). Rethink possible? AT&T needs to Rethink Reliable. They're not.
"Rethink Possible" = branding FAIL. It's possible your call might not get dropped. Good luck!
Record labels are such fools. They need to learn to think like a music listener. What is the benefit of buying an iTunes LP for someone who is buying the music to listen to the music? Including extra crap isn't an incentive for me to buy an iTunes LP when what I want is the songs. Include a lossless version of the songs and I have incentive to buy the iTunes LP. Anything else is just waste. I'm not more likely to buy a pizza if it comes in a designer box or if it...
This seems like such an obvious thing that I feel silly asking it, but here I am asking! How do I choose where new windows in Safari should open? For some reason, my new Safari windows are opening aligned to the left of the screen rather than the right (where I normally have them). I'm hoping the answer is the same for just about any app.
New Posts  All Forums: