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I see nothing low end about that look, even if it does end up costing less. Apple doesn't do "cheap." The fact that case makers are already making cases for this design doesn't mean it's right. They've screwed up before, and I'm sure they understand the risk they're taking in order to have cases ready to ship on day one.
This is almost exactly what I've been saying for years that a Mac Pro should be. The days of needing a giant tower are gone. After a decade of buying the top of the line Mac tower, I switched to a mini in 2007 and haven't looked back - until now. This could easily be my dream Mac. I wonder what the prices will be.
I've had my Airport Extreme standing on its side for years. The shape doesn't matter to me anyway. I stash the thing behind stuff, out of the way. I'd prefer if it were black though. Still, I want one... but I can't justify it since my current Airport Extreme has been flawless.
The new calendar in iOS 7 sure seems to borrow concepts from FantastiCal on iOS.
I want an iTunes update. Something is causing crashes that I've never experienced before. All I have to do is use the Remote app on my iPhone, and boom. iTunes crashes. It's a new problem for me since the latest iTunes update, and it suuuuuuuuuuuuuucks.
I don't understand the new price structure for Flickr at all.  It's now more expensive for those who are willing to pay for the site, but there's also less reason to pay.  I've been a pro user there for years, but I'll probably switch to a free account since everything I was paying for is now free.     Yahoo didn't create either Flickr or Tumblr, so they didn't create either of the trendy misspellings.
I love Apple.  I've been a diehard Apple fan since the days of the Quadra.  But I don't like corporate trickery to get around taxes.  If Microsoft was doing this, we'd be ripping them apart.  I wish our government would close these tax loopholes.  I do think it's funny that Republicans are complaining, when they're the ones who fight to create loopholes for corporations and the top 1% in the first place.
Am I the only one who hates Pixelmator's childish bouncing icons? I so badly want to dump Photoshop, but Pixelmator annoys the crap out of me. I'm currently trying out Acorn in hopes I'll prefer it.
I don't get it.  People have been saying that Apple neeeeeeeds to make a cheap iPhone since 2008.  Meanwhile, the strength of iPhone sales just increased.  When are people going to realize the Apple way isn't the traditional way, but it works.
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