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Thank you.  Holy cow am I glad to shut that popup off.
Shuffle and repeat are now all or nothing - meaning - if you shuffle a playlist and then click to play a different playlist, or even play a song in the main library song list, iTunes is still set to shuffle.   Previously, iTunes remembered which playlists you had set to shuffle (or repeat).  Now, no.   Wow.  So many bugs.  Or are these simply poor design choices?  Actually, I'm guessing these are intentionally poor design choices Apple made in order to dumb down...
Whoa.  They removed the ability to search within a playlist?  Yikes.  That new search popup is a huge step backward.
Yeah.  I found that.  A one click button is now buried in a menu only shown when you hover over the top window (whatever that area is called).  Bummer.
Yes, I know, but the playlist order doesn't change to show the shuffled song order anymore.  I'm currently listening to a smart playlist with over 3,000 songs.  With iTunes 10 and previous, you could see the shuffled song order.  That's gone in iTunes 11...  unless I'm really missing something here.
For the record, there's a LOT to like in the new iTunes, but I can't help thinking they should have held off until January 1st to finish polishing it off.
  It does, but I'm a visual person.  I always used the tiny icon that was (until now) at the right of the currently playing song at the top of iTunes.  Click to return to the currently playing song in the currently playing playlist.  Now, that's gone.   And the playlist order doesn't change to reflect the order it's playing in?  OY!  Click random/shuffle.  The playlist playes in a shuffled order, but the tracks aren't shown in the order they'll play in.  You have to look...
Weird.  I also don't see a way to see the randomized track order in a playlist.  Previously, clicking random included the ability to see the playlist in the random order by clicking the far left column of track numbers.  Now, order doesn't change to match the randomized order.
Also: is anyone else having trouble turning the column browser on or off?  On some of my playlists, the column browser submenu is grayed out.
I feel like I'm missing something really basic here.  I'm playing a playlist.  I click over to another playlist.  Where's the option to return to the currently playing playlist?
New Posts  All Forums: