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  It does, but I'm a visual person.  I always used the tiny icon that was (until now) at the right of the currently playing song at the top of iTunes.  Click to return to the currently playing song in the currently playing playlist.  Now, that's gone.   And the playlist order doesn't change to reflect the order it's playing in?  OY!  Click random/shuffle.  The playlist playes in a shuffled order, but the tracks aren't shown in the order they'll play in.  You have to look...
Weird.  I also don't see a way to see the randomized track order in a playlist.  Previously, clicking random included the ability to see the playlist in the random order by clicking the far left column of track numbers.  Now, order doesn't change to match the randomized order.
Also: is anyone else having trouble turning the column browser on or off?  On some of my playlists, the column browser submenu is grayed out.
I feel like I'm missing something really basic here.  I'm playing a playlist.  I click over to another playlist.  Where's the option to return to the currently playing playlist?
  No offense, but you didn't put enough thought into that.  Sure, it sounds cool, but it makes no sense for more reasons than I could even begin to mention, starting with the fact that there never was a creature named "Sabre Tooth."  There was a Saber Toothed Cat, often referred to as a Saber Toothed Tiger.
I love Apple. I've owned Macs since 1994. But I have to say, the way Apple handled the launch of the lightning cable has been a big FAIL. Once they were set on the specs, they should have made it easy for partner companies to start making cables and adapters. It's crazy that we still have so few (if any?!?) iPhone 5 dock options, a month and a half after launch. Luckily, this should be our last adapter change for many years.
The only move that surprises me here is Forstall. I guess the talk of him being groomed to be the next Steve Jobs was way off.
It's about time.  There are too many designers who treat the Mac like it's Windows.  That being said...  I don't use Evernote.  I use Simplenote for iOS and the fantastic Notational Velocity on my Mac.
I never even touch iMessage.  I'm not sure why anyone would.  The idea is excellent, but it needs to be an open system so it'll work with Google Voice and other IM/texting options.  As a closed system, it does me no good.  Even though most of my friends have Macs and iPhones too, we text each other since these days we all have unlimited texting.
You might want to finish this story before posting it. Ooooooooooops.
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