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The problem with Ping is that Apple got it completely wrong.   What's needed isn't another social network. What's needed IS a dead simple music data system.   We need a way to track our iTunes library and automatically compile lists such as - New Releases From Artists Tagged 3 Stars Or Higher In My iTunes Library. - New Releases In Genres I Follow - Trending In Genres I Follow   My iTunes library has over 25,000 songs, and I guarantee that's not even...
  Does it include Google Voice texting?  Ever since that took over, it's been years since I IMed with anyone outside of facebook.
What a foolish comment.  OSX used to cost $129, though I suspect you're not old enough to remember that. 10.1 (Puma) cost $129. 11 months later, Jaguar was released, costing $129. 14 months later, Panther was released, costing $129.   Furthermore: Lion was released in JULY, 2011.  July 2011 to July 2012 isn't 9 months.   $20 for an upgrade like that?  It's a bargain.   P.S.  You don't have to pay for the upgrade if you don't want to.  Lion will continue to function after...
Ew.  Really?  He's probably a nice guy, but hes no public figure.  He comes off as smarmy and fake.
How do I set up Apple's Messages app to send and receive my Google Voice texts?  Can this even be done?
That is one lame slogan.
  This actually makes a lot of sense, especially if Apple also gives developers the ability to use the entire screen if they choose to (video apps, certainly).
  In some ways, you're the worst kind of troll.  You're the kind of troll who doesn't even realize he's a troll.  That's evident in that you want to turn this page into a debate about you rather than discuss what the article was about.   That 2010 MBP?  It was developed under the leadership of Jobs Safari?  ...under Jobs. iOS 5.0.1?  ...under Jobs. Lion?  ...under Jobs.   And yet, here you are building an argument against Tim Cook for not being Steve Jobs, even as you...
I don't agree.  Think about it for a moment.  Not only did Jobs recruit Cook, he also entrusted him with Apple when his health was failing.  Steve Jobs was wise enough to know that when he had a resurgence of what looked like good health a few years back, it wouldn't last.  He didn't go on a search for a successor - because he already had one (and possibly another in waiting years from now).   Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs, nor was Steve Jobs a Tim Cook.  Everyone has...
While I'm not entirely disagreeing with him, it's important to note that even in emerging markets, it will be consumers who decide what they can or can't afford, not some dude in a bad suit.
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