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I doubt that.  Full timers cost more.  They get higher wages and benefits.
Axing staff prior to what will surely be the biggest product release in Apple history seems particularly odd.
What's the real story here?  This story is like reporting the arrival of firetrucks when the real story is the fire.  Talk about poor reporting.
THIS.  THIS.  THIS.   It's 100% legal not to mention brilliant to copy Apple's GOAL of creating elegant simplicity for users of their products.  Most companies try to make hardware and software that is capable of doing things.  Apple creates hardware and software that give users the ability to do things.  The difference may sound tiny, but in reality, it's huge.
I'm sure these new ads will be effective.  They're fine.  The problem, if it's fair to call it a problem, is that the Get A Mac ads weren't just effective.  They were iconic, and they changed the way other companies advertise products.  They're still being mimicked today and will be for years to come.  By comparison, these new ads are boring.  But judged by themselves, they're probably quite effective.
This one was the easiest Mac OS upgrade I ever made.  The only annoyance was the slowdown while Spotlight was indexing indexing indexing.
Wow, 15 minutes in, I'm seeing almost no progress on my ML download.  This one's going to take a whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllle.  Ah well.  It'll be worth it.
WTF?!  I can't install ML on my LISA?  Oh it better run on my Quadra or I'm gonna be pissed.
...new dock?
I wonder how Notes will compare to Notational Velocity.  What I REALLY want is a notes app that's designed like iTunes, but with folders and smart folders instead of playlists.  Notational Velocity is awesome, but dumping all notes into one folder with no sumbfolders for organization makes as much sense as dumping all mp3s into one folder without the artist/album subfolders.
New Posts  All Forums: