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I don't understand.  Don't we WANT 3rd parties to be making accessories for our iPhone 5 and next generation iPads?
My previous iPhone 4 had much worse lens flare than my iPhone 5.
Notification Center, in Mountain Lion, has the option to temporarily turn off alerts and banners (click the notification center icon, two finger swipe down to reveal the button).  Once turned off, it says "Will resume tomorrow."   Does that mean tonight at midnight, as in, first thing tomorrow morning?  Is there a way to change that to 9am tomorrow?
Same problem here with a 64 gig AT
    Oh, please.  Supposedly, Jobs DID in fact have a hand in designing the iPhone 5.  iPhone designs are going to continue to become more and more minimal.  I think that's excellent, and I'm looking forward to having my iPhone 5 delivered on the 21st.  I passed on the 4S since I didn't see it as enough of an upgrade from my 4.  I thought it'd be better to hold out for an iPhone 5, and I'm glad I did.   I've already seen a few great apps announce they'll soon be iPhone 5...
Could the new design could be any more generic?  Holy cow, it looks like a bad WP template.  The way the content is presented is terrible.  On my monitor, all I get is 3 headlines before I have to start scrolling, scrolling scrolling.  AI just got bumped off the top of my Apple bookmarks.
  Huh?  I've had fewer problems with Mountain Lion than with any Macintosh OS, going all the way back to the early 90s when I first started using Macs.  I should add that I did an upgrade too, not a clean install.  My only complaint is that it took forever for spotlight to finish indexing.
Is "Straight Talk" some kind of AT&T plan?
I bought an iPhone 4 the day it was released back in June 2010, which means I'm using AT&T.  I've been holding out on upgrading because I'm waiting for an iPhone 5 (or "The New iPhone."  Whatever Apple will call it).   I'm not on a shared plan with anyone.  I send fewer than 25 texts a month since I do my texting via Google Voice.  I do most of my calling via Google Voice too.   My monthly bill is around $68 a month.   What are the benefits of going with a...
  D'oh!  I should have read through other comments before I posted mine.  We're thinking the same thing, more or less.  Yes, surely the distance would be the same for each kind of device (meaning, iPhone/iPod versus iPad/iPad mini.
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