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Could the new design could be any more generic?  Holy cow, it looks like a bad WP template.  The way the content is presented is terrible.  On my monitor, all I get is 3 headlines before I have to start scrolling, scrolling scrolling.  AI just got bumped off the top of my Apple bookmarks.
  Huh?  I've had fewer problems with Mountain Lion than with any Macintosh OS, going all the way back to the early 90s when I first started using Macs.  I should add that I did an upgrade too, not a clean install.  My only complaint is that it took forever for spotlight to finish indexing.
Is "Straight Talk" some kind of AT&T plan?
I bought an iPhone 4 the day it was released back in June 2010, which means I'm using AT&T.  I've been holding out on upgrading because I'm waiting for an iPhone 5 (or "The New iPhone."  Whatever Apple will call it).   I'm not on a shared plan with anyone.  I send fewer than 25 texts a month since I do my texting via Google Voice.  I do most of my calling via Google Voice too.   My monthly bill is around $68 a month.   What are the benefits of going with a...
  D'oh!  I should have read through other comments before I posted mine.  We're thinking the same thing, more or less.  Yes, surely the distance would be the same for each kind of device (meaning, iPhone/iPod versus iPad/iPad mini.
I wonder why Apple is moving the headset jack to the bottom of the next iPhone.  It makes me wonder if there will be a headset plug facing up from the bottom of the next iPhone dock, to plug in the base as a mic/headset when the dock connects.
Oh, Apple, you've effed up.  This clown needs to go.   Other retailers are trying to copy Apple, meanwhile Apple hires an outsider who wants to turn Apple into the retailers they're crushing?  Yikes.
I doubt that.  Full timers cost more.  They get higher wages and benefits.
Axing staff prior to what will surely be the biggest product release in Apple history seems particularly odd.
What's the real story here?  This story is like reporting the arrival of firetrucks when the real story is the fire.  Talk about poor reporting.
New Posts  All Forums: