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...new dock?
I wonder how Notes will compare to Notational Velocity.  What I REALLY want is a notes app that's designed like iTunes, but with folders and smart folders instead of playlists.  Notational Velocity is awesome, but dumping all notes into one folder with no sumbfolders for organization makes as much sense as dumping all mp3s into one folder without the artist/album subfolders.
I live in Portland.  The NW 23rd Ave. Apple store that got rejected was a thing of beauty.  It would have done a lot to bring even more foot traffic to 23rd.  I do wonder though...  had the 23rd store been built, would Apple still be building this huge beauty downtown?  Or would Apple have gone with a more modest space?   I'm excited about this one.  It'll be great for downtown.
"AT&T CEO says it's 'too early' to talk about 3G FaceTime fees"   That's like a neighbor asking "How's your wife doing?" and you reply "It's too early to talk about divorce or getting a mistress."
In other news:  there's still a Yahoo!  Who knew...?
  Fixed that for you.  You're welcome.
  Exactly.  Microsoft doesn't have a marketing problem.  Microsoft has a product problem.  Amazing marketing won't fix the fact that there isn't a compelling reason to choose a Windows phone over Andriod or an iPhone.
  That analogy doesn't work because Apple didn't have competition from other modern smartphones when the iPhone was launched.  They introduced a whole new category of device.
Microsoft never answered the question of why anyone should buy a Windows phone instead of an iPhone or Android.  They're in for similar struggles when their tablets come out regardless of whose name is on the hardware.  The tablet situation could be worse once people try running actual Windows apps on a Surface only to realize their Windows apps were never designed for a touchscreen.  It's better to have someone think "It's great...  if only it had more apps" rather than...
  I don't think that's it, exactly.  The problem for the media is that a story is only worth reporting if it generates interest.  If the media wanted to report on how much money oil companies make and how little of that profit trickles down to those who sell gas...  nobody would care, which means the story generates no profit since it doesn't bring eyes to ads.  I'm not saying that's how it should be, but it IS how it is.  The more the web becomes a source of revenue, the...
New Posts  All Forums: