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I can search for "statue of liberty", "liberty statue", "freiheitsstatue" (German) just fine and it brings me to the correct location. The same goes for "hoover dam", "hover dam", "hoover damm" or "hoover staudamm" (both German) and they all bring me to Hoover Dam.
Apple now also has custom icons for landmarks. When you are in 2D map mode and look at the Statue of Liberty, there's actually a small icon resembling the Statue of Liberty next to it. The NYSE also has an icon showing the building.
  That's simply not true, there are plenty of comments from people who complain about the missing StreetView. For me personally I don't care about StreetView at all as I've never really used it anyway.
I can't reproduce this. I just looked at Melbourne, Australia on Apple Maps on my iPhone. A city that I've never looked at before in maps. I let Maps sit at the default zoom level on Melbourne and waited several minutes, then turned on flight mode. I wasn't able to zoom into Melbourne (maps got blurry) and I was only able to see a little bit more than the original rectangle around Melbourne when zooming out.
I have made over 40 corrections so far within the last few months since the first beta of iOS 6. So far, not a single one has been accepted. This is pretty disappointing!
My only one real problem with Apple Maps is this: Yes, it is a downgrade compared to Google Maps. Less accurate POIs, less information, inferior search. But I wouldn't mind all of this if I could have AT LEAST got the turn-by-turn directions! But no, I have an iPhone 4, so no turn-by-turn. This sucks big time. If I get a downgrade, please give me at least this one thing that is new and an improvement over the previous solution!
A registered UDID hasn't been needed for any of the iOS 6 betas...
Why should I wait for new Mac hardware before buying the new iPhonejQuery181012338247708976269_1347481713269?
Pro-tip: Get a decent Internet connection that doesn't take 10 minutes to load a few pictures! It's 2012!!
The earliest version where I've seen it is iOS 2.0, introduced mid 2008.
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