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If anyone knows a sham when they see it, it's Monster!
One way to read this is that it's a clear indication that Retina screens won't be coming to the 11" or 13" MacBook Airs any time this year. Also that the 11" and 13" models are sure to still be available once the rumored 12" Retina MacBook Air comes out, much like non-Retina MacBook Pros were still available after the first Retina ones came out (and the 13" non-Retina MBP is still available).
It is somewhat provincial to call these "bespoke" models when Apple has essentially done the same thing before to accommodate technical requirements that are mainly common to only a single U.S. carrier like Verizon or Sprint. It's even more so when you consider that the potential addressable market for these models is actually much higher than for those previous products customized to suit the needs of a particular U.S. carrier. The U.S. is currently Apple's biggest...
 Lots of companies understand that those $300 PCs are not good investments and buy more expensive, higher quality hardware. For the same level of hardware quality as a Mac you're going to be paying about the same amount for a PC. Besides, they can also get Mac Minis for only $600 each. If portability isn't a requirement they're a great choice.
>All current iOS products now sport the newer Lightning protocol. Incorrect. The iPhone 4S is still on sale worldwide, and the iPhone 4 is still available in select markets, and they both use the 30-pin dock connector.
That 32" Sharp display has a resolution of 3840x2160, which gives 138 PPI. That would means sitting at a distance of 25" to not be able to discern individual pixels ("Retina" in Apple's terms).   Those 5,120-by-2,880 wallpapers would be at 218 PPI if displayed at 27". That would require a distance of 16" to be "Retina." It'd be even better if Apple put that resolution in a 24" display, which would then be 244 PPI and require a distance of just 14" to be "Retina."
Back in the day when I carried my Newton MP 2000 around everywhere I got a number of autographs on it from authors and musicians. Some of the ones I got were from Bruce Sterling, Rudy Rucker, Larry Niven, Anne McCaffrey, and Adam Ant!
I doubt Apple's ever going to actually implement this. For one, from the drawings it looks actually a little bit thicker than a standard USB port, not thinner. For another, it'd make you lose the use of one USB port while an SD card is in use. Finally, Apple has always tried to make make port shapes and connectors very distinct from each other: each connector goes in only one kind of port, each port only accepts one kind of connector. (The combo headphone/mic port seems...
Do we have to go through the same thing again as we went through with the rumors on the price of the iPad Mini, before it was announced?   You'd think everyone would have figured out by now that Apple doesn't do "cheap." Instead they just do "less expensive" ...than their previous or existing similar product.
  Don't forget that it's often standard procedure for Apple to downplay a market or area of interest before jumping into it themselves (video on iPods, etc.).
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