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not entirely true
who cares. its just a forum
Apparently Apple is considering moving to Intel chips...just a rumor though.
High School College Crap job after college Paid dues at crappy job but learned a lot Get better job after years go by In 30's now can afford to buy toys In all seriousness there is no way I could afford a Mac when I was in college. Gratz to those that can from saving and hard work!
Currently 50 outside with highs of 60 ish. Wore shorts and t-shirt Christmas day.
I feel good about getting completely out when I did in all cash (i totally forgot about this thread) Some of my friends are down 40-50% ish. No one listened to me and Peter Schiff. \
Is the ransom in US dollars or some other currency? And how is the money transfered... large suitcases or electronic transfer?? All seems a little fishy to me.
Step one: Remove all stickers from laptop palm rests. Instant 2001 flashback.
Do a search for your question being asked. It seems once a month someone doing research posts this question. You could probably find more about it doing a search here than what will get posted in one thread.
Fellows, I feel this way when I go to church. Someone guy telling me that if I don't act or do something a certain way I will burn in hell. \ What happens when the fear game doesn't work anymore?
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