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glad I downloaded and installed it.  still seems to be working fine for me.
I'm sure he would never suggest that perhaps a copy of every transaction should be forwarded to GCHQ. Particularly every person-to-person payment. Don't want to track what kids are doing, so any transaction over 50p will be fine.
 At least here in Canada, somebody spent a bunch of money on prime-time advertisements on TV for it, as I've skipped past a bunch of them.  Not sure if the channels had ads from the US or Canada [as some shows are simulcast, so the US channel shows ads from the Canada feed].
 hahahaha.  No.  Movie theatres owners would cream their pants right now if they got a 50/50 split for tickets of a new movie.  At least for any movie people actually want to see. Now, for this specific movie, it's possible they agreed to give the theatres a small percentage to show the film, but it is NOT the usual case.
What kind of math is this? "The picture cost $30 million to make and at least as much to market. That means that 'Steve Jobs' needs to do at least $120 million in order to break even." No. If it were to bring in $120 million, the movie would make 100% profit, using the numbers from the first statement. Or is this part of Hollywood's "accounting" that if the numbers work out like this, they tell their investors the movie broke even and there is no profit for them.
Just for you, the new version will be i-(something)-gate!
What the gov't really would like is to get the companies to secretly agree to giving them data and/or designing their systems so that the corporation has access to the unencrypted data so the gov't can get access to it [maybe even with a warrant], because legislation to force companies to do this would be really difficult to pass now.
 It's possible it is illegal, as there are a bazillion laws/regulations that are virtually impossible to decode for the layperson. But it wouldn't surprise me if you can't really disable it, as it's built into the various computers running in your car, and you'd have to reverse-engineer the software on those computers [and get your new software loaded] to just do their normal work and not do the data logging [or erase it periodically].  Some stuff needs to be tracked over...
 Yeah, it is using the latest firmware.
iOS 9 fixed maps for me on Carplay with my Pioneer AVH4000NEX, as with iOS 8.x, it was like there was a blue fog/clouds over the top 1/3 to 1/2 of the screen, so you couldn't see any turn on the route before you had to [and sometimes the audio for distance to turn would be ambiguous for me as to which specific road to turn at].  It wasn't a hard cutoff [like the map area just didn't expand further up], but what looked like the map, overlaid with a light blue cloud, solid...
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