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The music executives are sure that they have rigged the payments so the labels get the VAST majority of the money, and the actual performers and writers are paid jack. Of your $10/month fee, you can count on actual artists AND writers sharing less than $1.
This isn't AT&T's fault.  This is ENTIRELY on Apple.  Apple has been doing this for probably about 15-20 years, even before they had physical stores.  They will keep inventory for themselves and only give resellers a very small amount of product, particularly for newly updated hardware. It's why lots of independent Apple resellers have gone out of business, because anybody walking into their store could get the hardware they wanted faster on their own than if they tried to...
I just wish they made it so you could keep the data yourself, on your phone, instead of requiring everything to be sent to Automatic's servers.   And there is NOTHING special about reading codes from other systems, such as air-bags, abs brakes, the transmission, etc.  It's all just software.  You don't need a $300 device to do it, they just have done a good job of segmenting the market to make the devices that do it cost that much.  Hell, one company charges an extra...
Not if you are an end-user.  "analytics" = privacy invading user tracking.  And guess what, 'user permission' for this is buried in the EULA. You think most users know Apple is tracking the items you touch, when you use the keyboard, what you search for, not only in Apple apps, but in all apps?  And sending all that info back to home office.
 First, you have ZERO clue.  QNX is basically irrelevant to the discussion. A parallel example in the Apple world is Darwin and MacOSX.  MacOSX is based on Darwin, but effectively all the important bits that the user works with [particularly with Ford's product] is in MacOSX.  QNX is a low-level operating system.  No GUI.  Everything that matters really rests on the code that Ford is writing from scratch [as it's not even based of the windows crap]. From 40 years of...
Just the usual 'skating to where the puck is now' stuff from Microsoft.
 Which car manufacturer does backwards retrofits?  They all want you to BUY A NEW CAR.  Even if you just drove it off the lot, they will be happy to buy it back from you and sell you a new one with the feature you want.  Course, you'll have to pay depreciation on the used car...
OMG that makes the maps here in Canada seem excellent, when they use 'satellite' images only 5+ years out of date and they are terminally behind in actually mapping roads. Apple seems to be spending all their effort doing 3d flyover maps for tourist-destination cities. Google is still kicking their a$$ in real-world map details that is useful every day, and not just 1 week a year.  Or to make a cool demo video.
This 'analysis' is not about Apple.  It's just about this analyst tried to promote himself.   Unfortunately, the only thing his analysis shows is that he is capable of dividing $1Trillion by the number of public shares and rounding to 5.
This totally sounds like a "omg, the Apple Watch was just released...we need to update our software for it NOW" Yahoo. How fact behind the curve can we go before we go out of business?
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