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I don't know what's up with connecting my Retina MBP and my iPhone 5S.  With 10.7-10.9, and iOS 5,6,7 [earlier iPhones as well], I could setup a bluetooth connection between my computer and the iPhone, then select 'Connect to Network' in the right menu item under the bluetooth icon in the menu bar, and my computer would connect to the phone with a valid internet connection in a few seconds.   Now, with Yosemite and iOS 8.1 [didn't actually try tethering with iOS 8.0], I...
I don't know about this...I have HandsOff installed, and with System Preferences/Security &Privacy/Privacy/Send diagnostic... and Share Crash Data... checkboxes turned off, CrashReporterSupportHelper tries sending stuff to internalcheck.apple.com and SubmitDiagInfo still tries sending stuff to internalcheck.apple.com and radarsubmissions.apple.com
yeah, that was the problem. bell had turned disabled "short code"/premium sms messages, and it took some figuring out how to re-enable them for my cell phone.  after that, it worked no problem.
how/where?  for me, step 1 is set up trusted devices, "Your trusted devices are used to verify your identity. You must have at least one phone number that can receive SMS messages."  I can add my phone number, then I can press Continue to enter a code I never receive, or press Cancel to abort the process.  So I can't progress past this point. And it seems stupid to require one of your trusted devices to be able to receive SMS messages, as it doesn't require actually...
Ugh, it might be.  I'm with Bell Canada, and can't configure 2-factor because the SMS message never arrives at my phone and there doesn't seem to be any way past that [even though the 'didn't receive the sms' help seems to indicate it is possible to do so]. A fairly rare "stupid Apple" thing...
Evidently, the people running Apple's 'business' in EVERY OTHER country but the US are absolute morons, and it takes them 6-12 months extra to learn how to do stuff like this [pick up purchases in-store that are bought online, resell refurbished iPads, perform in-store repairs]. And they all seem to buy Apple hardware for full retail price in the US, then pay to have it shipped to their country, then add at least 10% on top of cost+shipping to fund their hookers and coke...
Did Apple say anything about using Apple Pay via the Apple Watch when you have a iPhone 4S-5S [basically a phone that works with the Apple Watch, but doesn't itself have NFC]?  You would think it should work, but I can see Apple pulling a Siri and requiring an iPhone 6 anyway.
 I'll be they "considered" prices from $100 to $1000, what features they could include for what price, how much it could operate independently and how much it depends on a connected phone and whether that connected phone had to be an iPhone and which iPhones it supports connecting to.  And a whole lot more.
obviously it's a glitch. how else would code be present that still executed after the phone had a new operating system installed, that would send things like sms messages to companies server? Everybody puts code like that at the very lowest level of their baseband firmware, if not actually coded on the radio hardware chips directly.
[privately] 4) How exactly will my eventual salary and bonus be impacted [when I leave the FCC and am hired back by the industry] if I can make this issue go away without you looking like the douchebags you are?
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