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Firewire devices have had similar issues [devices get to DMA to memory in the host computer, what could go wrong?].
Hello from Canada. Tim, can you kick the Apple Canada exec's into action at all?
Apple Canada: Why the hell do they keep doing this shit to us? We're still trying to figure out how to do in-store pickup.
"IDC sure picks a lot of losers"   I think what you really mean is:  A lot of losers pick IDC [to try to make themselves look good]
 You had me at "Schmidt is a fool"
"They're born with a built-in headwind into a fate they did not choose," Cook said. "This isn't right, it isn't just, and it isn't a reflection of our deepest values." Unfortunately, it is a reflection of the deepest values for a large number of Alabamans.
I don't think Apple guarantee's Apple Pay transactions.  The banks are paying Apple that money for implemented a system that is so fraud-resistant that the banks will save that money and more [as they also said the banks will lower the fee's charged to merchants for Apple Pay transactions, so it's literally a win for everyone].
I don't know what's up with connecting my Retina MBP and my iPhone 5S.  With 10.7-10.9, and iOS 5,6,7 [earlier iPhones as well], I could setup a bluetooth connection between my computer and the iPhone, then select 'Connect to Network' in the right menu item under the bluetooth icon in the menu bar, and my computer would connect to the phone with a valid internet connection in a few seconds.   Now, with Yosemite and iOS 8.1 [didn't actually try tethering with iOS 8.0], I...
I don't know about this...I have HandsOff installed, and with System Preferences/Security &Privacy/Privacy/Send diagnostic... and Share Crash Data... checkboxes turned off, CrashReporterSupportHelper tries sending stuff to internalcheck.apple.com and SubmitDiagInfo still tries sending stuff to internalcheck.apple.com and radarsubmissions.apple.com
yeah, that was the problem. bell had turned disabled "short code"/premium sms messages, and it took some figuring out how to re-enable them for my cell phone.  after that, it worked no problem.
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