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Maybe she should phone back when Yahoo actually has their own search engine and isn't just repackaging bing.
they've been doing this kind of thing to companies for some time now. because few companies are making apps for WinPhone, microsoft has taken to producing an "app" that wraps their web site, and publishing it under the companies name. without asking for permission, or informing either the company or the customers downloading the app that it is NOT by the company (as the company gets surprised by customer support emails and they have no idea about any Windows Phone app].
 ...with his hands behind his back so you can't see that his fingers were crossed...
I consider it a con that it also needs an external brick power supply vs the built-in power supply of the ATV.
Just a minor nit, but Apple's software is NOT free.  It is included in the price of the product [ie Numbers for newly purchased iPhones].
"user experience not a priority for cable providers"   It has never been a priority for cable providers, once you have signed up for their service.
has anybody tried a 4K display with the 2012 retina MBP's? do they work OK [say, the 24" Dell 4K display], and which resolutions/frequencies work, and does pixel doubling work with this beta? thx
No, I didn't phrase my original message right.  Right now, the default is your password is good for 15 minutes for purchases anywhere [both in the app store.  If Apple wasn't concerned about ROI, they would change the default to "immediately", and then the second time you do a purchase, you can enter the password or go to settings and change the setting. 
The real fix is to reverse the preference setting for what that dialog talks about. By default, you need to enter the password every time, and going to settings, you can increase the delay before needing to enter the password. But that would slightly reduce how much money Apple makes.
Um "BlackTel" is a much better name.
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