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obviously it's a glitch. how else would code be present that still executed after the phone had a new operating system installed, that would send things like sms messages to companies server? Everybody puts code like that at the very lowest level of their baseband firmware, if not actually coded on the radio hardware chips directly.
[privately] 4) How exactly will my eventual salary and bonus be impacted [when I leave the FCC and am hired back by the industry] if I can make this issue go away without you looking like the douchebags you are?
Wasn't the iPhone 5C renamed the iPhone Failure a while back?
I won't consider a setup like this, because the app automatically sends everything from the sensor to the companies server instead of keeping it on the phone.
Sorry, it doesn't matter that our billing system hasn't been working for 3 weeks.  Your payment is overdue, and there is an automatic 100% fee on top of the previous bill amount to reenable your phone.
Anybody try a late 2012 rMBP with one of these 4K monitors?  It supposedly can support 4K @ 30Hz, but can it do the scaling options?
Has anybody tried connecting a 4K display to a late 2012 Retina MBP with 10.9.3?  some 4k displays work when connected to it, but do any scaling options appear with 10.9.3?
You deleted the data on your phone...they still have their copy.
Maybe she should phone back when Yahoo actually has their own search engine and isn't just repackaging bing.
they've been doing this kind of thing to companies for some time now. because few companies are making apps for WinPhone, microsoft has taken to producing an "app" that wraps their web site, and publishing it under the companies name. without asking for permission, or informing either the company or the customers downloading the app that it is NOT by the company (as the company gets surprised by customer support emails and they have no idea about any Windows Phone app].
New Posts  All Forums: