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On a possibly related note, Zane Lowe is a fantastic curator of new music, much like John Peel at Radio 1 before him. He is going to be awesome at Apple, any innovations in curation, suggestion or monetisation have been needed for a good few years now, and with the Beats team on-board, we could be seeing a great itunes second act soon.
Agreed. The number of different "keyboards" in whatever form for different apps or modes, characters, is only increasing.
I meant streamed automatically, figures for requests could definitely add colour too, definitely. YouTube does such interesting things with bandwidth and resolution through both the app and proprietary HTML5 code; we've come a long way for hardware-accelerated Flash.
Anyone know if higher resolution versions of videos are preferred in apps running on the 6+? YouTube?
Video link: http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000347186
Pretty sure that's true of non-magical blinds, shades or curtains. "Over 50%" seems to be underselling their product a little?
I'm thinking the PayPal payments include payments for physical goods with e-commerce web or app front ends eg. Deliveries. Hopefully Apple pay transactions through apps are also included, if this is the case. On the subject of international rollout, iTunes Radio doesn't bode well, but it is limited by the licensing idiocy of labels much as Apple TV development has been hindered by the channels, studios and other funding and licensing bodies. Apple pay has the card...
I'm sorry, after reading the documents, I am not suprised at all that GTAT found Apple's terms onerous. There are many cases outlined by GTAT in which the terms were grossly one-sided in favour of Apple, ensuring any losses were at GTAT's expense, and indeed, we can see GTAT had a rather large $0.9billion loss on it's books already. Apple constantly (according to the documents) "interfered" with the production process, from choosing furnaces and tools against advisement...
Reading List?
Intriguing. How good is driver support? Any issues or annoyances using OS X with touch?
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