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Every year, pundits insist on "naming" Apple's next-gen handset. Some have said 5S this year. IMO, 6 is a better fit; we can assume they will not call a spade a spade and name it "iPhone 7" Thanks AI for not doing that in this article
Apple made a big deal about pointing out how many accounts with credit cards they have. The other shoe is potentially two-fold: 1) Allow account credit without going to a physical store and buying an iTunes card. Let me transfer a bulk amount from my card/bank account at a time, and consolidate my billing. Let me add as many cards to my account as I want, and let me have multiple users (this is a much larger topic in need of attention) 2) Passbook payments in physical...
So really, the only people who benefit from this are users of iPhone/iPod touch who have a PC? Wouldn't a slimmer iTunes be a more appropriate concern for these folks?I absolutely fail to see any reason this exists other than a good demo of the power of web apps (or programming full apps in JavaScript, if you like), and see Zero benefit for Mac users. Is it nice to be able to edit iWork docs on a PC (for example, at work)? Sure. Does it outweigh literally years of iWork...
They really are. A Google account does not require you to have bought Google hardware to set it up on. Google docs does not have native software versions on said hardware. How different could the situations be, and yet still be comparable.This is only useful if you work or create on a PC, which is a damn shame for anyone with any Apple device.If this takes over from a native version, it will be ridiculous. For starters, most of us have iWork already. I can't see any...
*sigh*Rush... Jobs.
Short answer - no.Since iCloud exists for Apple hardware users only, surely this just undercuts existing iWork apps or replicates their functionality if... what, users want to use their PC instead?
Sold. Absolutely epic!
Good points. Not really in response, but:1) Apple TV runs iOS2) Why spec up a stand-alone controller for iPad use only3) Can mirror iPad display, why do we need an App Store before this is made for use with an Apple TV?4) Can't imagine that kind of hardware ever running its own games, but it doesn't need to.5) Of course, this does not mean Apple cannot also make a 1st party controller6) Speculating on what Apple won't do isn't as much fun
That's awesome, thanks!
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