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Has anyone confirmed Voice Control's death?Surely these basic settings changes should not require a connection if they could build similar commands in.In 2009/iOS3!
^ This.Whilst Windows has had controller support since serial port joysticks, I have never found the mac to be in any way cooperative. Hopefully that'll now change.That stand-alone controller is so for Apple TV!
First person to say "Dumb Pipes" wins
In the case of a lack of a dominant position, it should indeed be presumed that any price fixing damages the consumer, unless proven otherwise. The problem is that this is backwards when retailers are substantially decreasing the value of the products they sell through excessively aggressive pricing. This damages the market as a whole.I, for one, very much appreciate your contributions; they stop this forum from being a group of old men nodding in unison, or picking at...
This knotted contrived defensiveness is hard to understand. Which dominant group did apple collude with?Oh thank god you hedged your bets. It would be awful if you were found to be completely and utterly wrong in thought or opinion.
Wow look at all the fools believing Apple will scrap rounded corners. Discussion on the second half of the article, the less odd suggestion that ios7 will look like the WWDC app would be very welcome. So, what do we have here. No shine on buttons or highlighted icons. That's a hint. Less overt shadows. Depressed selection style from osx; there could there be increased cross-pollination of styles and elements. Perhaps iphone apps will join iPad apps in having their top...
Of course it's possible that it will just be called the iPhone, or the iPhone (v6.8) The comment about Google just refers to the "trending" popular name in all media, not just tech media. If that isn't definitive enough (though it is perfectly scientific), think of the perception of the S products in the media. They're not milestones. Certainly not revolutionary. The look on Tim Cook's face when questioned by Mossberg was enough. They can't release a 5S in this climate.
On names - More often than not, Apple will pick the top rumoured name and go with it. It's a marketing trick. Just type "ip" into google autosuggest and the top iPhone result... iPhone 6. It's unlikely they'll use 5S, it's been shown they don't care about consistency in public naming, and quite rightly, it's just for marketing purposes. The number of times Apple execs stumble over product names and you know they were thinking "codename" is great.
On topic: with the 5's widescreen format and the guarantee that apps will support it with ios7, an upscale to a ~5inch screen could keep a reasonable width, and with decreased top & bottom bezels a redesign in this direction would be very apple. Could everyone quit whining about AI and see if they can wrap their heads around the fact that apple exists in a marketplace. People do in fact see android as an alternative, and Samsung is the only other company making any money....
Ah... Americans. The Sri Lankan dude made several great points, and his ability to write in English in no way hindered his eloquence in my book. Although anecdotal, this is the main reason Apple need a low-cost iPhone. American Students? American Children? Who gives a flying... ...the perception of Apple in the rest of the world is arguably more important than any "cheap" American market. Apple have been focussing on China, but they seem to have not realised the rest of...
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