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*sigh*Rush... Jobs.
Short answer - no.Since iCloud exists for Apple hardware users only, surely this just undercuts existing iWork apps or replicates their functionality if... what, users want to use their PC instead?
Sold. Absolutely epic!
Good points. Not really in response, but:1) Apple TV runs iOS2) Why spec up a stand-alone controller for iPad use only3) Can mirror iPad display, why do we need an App Store before this is made for use with an Apple TV?4) Can't imagine that kind of hardware ever running its own games, but it doesn't need to.5) Of course, this does not mean Apple cannot also make a 1st party controller6) Speculating on what Apple won't do isn't as much fun
That's awesome, thanks!
But it's ok for iPhone? That seems like evidence for my (perhaps overly-enthusiastic) assertion.Where does your belief come from in this instance?
Um maybe a new local version since iWork '09 would be good first!?! Or at least stop calling them Pages '09 etc. on Mac App Store and do real updates. Same applies to iLife, but at least that was '11. For anyone with a Mac & has bought iWork or the individual apps they use In The Last Four Years, this is next to useless. Great for windows & linux people, obviously, and a great tech demo, but but since when do Apple care more about them than Apple users? Get iTunes...
Has anyone confirmed Voice Control's death?Surely these basic settings changes should not require a connection if they could build similar commands in.In 2009/iOS3!
^ This.Whilst Windows has had controller support since serial port joysticks, I have never found the mac to be in any way cooperative. Hopefully that'll now change.That stand-alone controller is so for Apple TV!
First person to say "Dumb Pipes" wins
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